After reading the famous PFC-Que choose survey published in September, the 40 million French wearing glasses may not appreciate. Scenario: A recent survey of 60 million consumers / Media prism showed that a third of people earning less than the minimum wage have already reduced their estimated expenditure on health, the consumer association Severely criticizes the price of glasses France and the serious consequences for the family budget.

The sector accounts for 10% of the annual budget for health care costs for households by the UFC. Fresh poorly reimbursed since the 2012 sales of eye wear market (4.7 billion euros), only 270 million euros, only 6% are covered by Social Security. “This means that 94% of the cost is borne by consumers, ” insists the association. optics, the second cause of seeking care, after dental.


How do you respond to the report of the Court of Auditors?

This report shows the hypocrisy of the current reimbursement system of optical care. It is a fool’s game between the major networks and mutual opticians who is on the back of the insured. Since Social Security is largely disengaged from the glasses, mutual have a leader. Obviously there is a consideration.

What do you mean?

The glasses are more expensive rather well reimbursed [by mutual] but this comes at the expense of other medical procedures. This is because the glasses reimburse well as other treatments are less well supported. The world of optics has its butter by combining a real medical need, the better to see with glasses, with the world of fashion and trends. But the purpose of safety not to repay frames mode, that the Court of Auditors in its report reminds forcefully.

You denounce the abnormal development of the sector in recent years?

The system is highly inflationary and the increasing role played by additional reimbursement in the eye is at the origin of the continuous rise in prices. The number of Opticians continues to grow in France, where prices and equipment rates are higher than the European average.