Used in cooking, mustard is also good for health, it relieves colds, lumbago, colds, digestion.

From Central Asia, Europe and North Africa, the mustard seed is probably with the pepper, the oldest condiment consumed. It is quite possible that our prehistoric ancestors chewed mustard seeds along with the meat. The Romans were the first to manufacture a condiment from the seed ground. Closer to home, our grandparents ate leaves, rich in micro-nutrients. These leaves are similar to spinach are still in Oriental grocery stores.

Mustard varieties

There are 3 kinds of mustard: white, black and brown. The white is the sweetest, the brunette is hot. For us, it’s mostly white mustard is consumed, but it is interesting to use the seed mixture. Simply grind the seeds in a blender to obtain flour.

The benefits of mustard Health

Mustard belongs to the same family as cabbage and rapeseed Brassicaceae. Rich in antioxidants and selenium , it is cleansing, relieves pain and digestive problems. The seeds also produce a vegetable oil used in Ayurvedic massages.

Mustard seeds and toothache

If dental pain occur and pending visit to the dentist, chew some mustard seeds. They are known to relieve toothache.


Recipe and uses of mustard poultice

In a glass container, mix one part of mustard powder and 2 parts of wheat flour. Mix warm water. Spread the mixture on a cloth and fold it in two. Apply olive oil to the body part and apply the poultice for 15 minutes. Seeds ground and mixed with a liquid releases an enzyme to heating effects indicated in the treatment of colds, flu and bronchitis but also for rheumatism, backache, joint pain and muscle.

Remedy against cough

Keep a jar in a mixture of equal parts of mustard powder, ginger powder and honey. Melt several times a day on the tongue, a tablespoon of this remedy.

Bath to warm mustard

You caught a cold or you continually frozen hands and feet? A hot mustard brings you relief and well-being! Place 150 g mustard flour in a bag and immerse it in the bath water warm.

Headache and foot bath with mustard

Dissolve 50 g of mustard powder in a bowl of hot water. Immerse your feet for 10 minutes. This shock treatment relieves headaches and migraines.

Herbal Detox mustard

A spoonful of mustard seeds infused for 10 minutes in a cup of hot water is used in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify the body. To take an overnight fast.

Mustard condiment that activates digestion

Digestive problems? Always place a jar of mustard at the table and do not hesitate to use it.

Spray repellent for cats

An unpleasant smell lingering in the garden or around the house? Sprinkle critical areas of a mixture of 4 tablespoons mustard condiment dissolved in 100 ml of white vinegar and 125 ml of water. To be renewed.