It is important that the water you choose to drink either plain or with bubbles, or bottled or tap water. The important thing is to make sure the correct amount of water each day. Looking for the right and balanced water supply, especially at certain times of the year such as summer and winter. Let us see how much water to drink a day and some simple and practical tips to follow to stay healthy hydrating. The physiological function of water The water is so necessary for our body and our mind that even if only a shortage equal to 2% of total body weight can cause an alteration of temperature and even affect the ability of thought.

This fact becomes particularly serious when one thinks of the elderly, who often do not feel the need to drink, or worse, think they have already drunk enough, when in fact it is not and can become dehydrated, with effects both serious physical and psychological (mental confusion and disorientation.) Even in other phases of life is key to staying healthy hydration, for example, it is very important to drink water during pregnancy. Access to clean drinking water is compulsory for very human.The Bluestar Majesto RO+UV water purifier gives you purified water through a 6-step purification process, to ensure that the water you drink is completely pure and safe for consumption. Bluestar Majesto RO UV water purifier Its super-fine sediment filter removes even the tiny compounds such as dust.


False beliefs often hear on television or read about newspapers, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. This is not true for everyone, or rather each of us has the need for well-defined, based on the work they do and the life she leads . For example, an athlete will need to drink a lot, even up to 4 liters a day, to replenish fluids lost through sweating. Same goes for a worker or a laborer, works that often make breathing dust or flying particles unhealthy: in this case, the abundance of water will cleanse the body. speech is different is if you carry a sedentary job, which does not leads to the leakage of liquid and therefore requires less water intake. How much water to drink a day is therefore a totally subjective, to be assessed on a case by case basis.

When drinking? Surely, every time you feel thirsty, but during the day the Ideally, however, a glass every hour, starting with a glass on an empty stomach upon rising, even before having breakfast, ideal and perfect warm water and lemon. shut off the day with another glass of water or herbal tea or a nice relaxing infused suitable for the season and to the physical demands. important not to exceed the consumption of water, as it may also cause problems. distributed Contribution As anticipated, the water should not be drunk in a concentrated way, but “diluted” during the day to maintain hydration by providing the body. should be also chosen according to your needs, such as renal function staff. For this it is easy to read the label and see these needs met, but mostly it is to read the fixed residue, which alone would inform the consumer of the total minerals present.

Water and diet If the power is varied, rich fruits and vegetables, soups, milk and tea, the water content will already be introduced to a large extent also through food. So reconnecting to the earlier remarks related to how much water to drink during the day, it is accepted to say that the amount will also be linked to the type of diet followed, from the diet in general. Water and bubbles The bubbles of water, the result of the presence of natural or integrated carbon dioxide, in addition to be pleasing and acceptable to more of a palate, can in some way also promote digestion.