Anyone interested in acupuncture, with needles but was able to make friends all over, here is perhaps an access to the treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine: The moxibustion replaces the thin metal heat and is just as effective.

Here, nothing burns!

The moxa or moxibustion treatment is combined with acupuncture is one of the first methods of TCM, which became known here in the West. Not quite as popular as her sister, moxibustion is however based on the same principle: it is a stimulus applied to the acupuncture points. In her case, this is a warming stimulus, which is triggered by smoldering mugwort (moxa). The therapist uses to either small mugwort cones, or special needles that have at the end of such a cone, which will ignite and smolder. The smoldering mugwort herb in no way touches the skin.


The fags for Non smoking

So here needles? Not necessarily! For the moxa can be applied even with moxa-cigar. But do not worry, nobody here needs to be a smoker on the contrary, the cigar should be considered under any circumstances! The glowing end is held 2 to 3 cm above the acupuncture point, so that a pleasant, even warm feeling arises. (More details in the box).

Moxa Qi to flow

The moxa strengthens the yang, the TCM According to the properties associated with light and heat (in contrast, is the yin to darkness and cold). It is used primarily against wind, cold and wet disharmony, but also more generally to stimulate the flow of qi. For the patient, does it manifest itself with a relaxed and warm feeling. Blockages and strengthen the body.

Effective, but not harmless

The moxa may indeed be described as a gentle way, but certainly their contraindications. They should not be used for heat illnesses, which are manifested by fever and flushing, much thirst and desire for cold drinks. Even with skin lesions at acupuncture points or skin diseases in general should be avoided for the moxibustion. Caution should be exercised in pregnant women, the abdomen should be omitted in general.