The mite allergy is determined by the substances resulting from the decomposition of microscopic animals, but also by proteins that can be traced in their droppings. In homes it is easy to get in touch with the mites, because they are everywhere: in the dust, on the pillows, the sheets, the mattress, plush, and even in the flour. The symptoms triggered by cure for allergies reaction are varied: from nasal congestion from breathing difficulties, swelling of the eyes itching of the nose and throat, the cough to asthma and skin rashes. In any case we take into account that there are remedies that can be taken. In addition to medication, care must be taken to a thorough cleaning of the house, putting in place specific strategies.

The symptoms

The symptoms of cure for allergies to dust mites vary depending on the severity of the allergic reaction. May occur simultaneously, or come out in gradual stages. The clearest signs are made ​​from rhinitis and asthma. Sometimes the eyes redden and swell, becoming the subject of an excessive lacrimation and conjunctivitis. Histamine released due to the action of allergens causes nasal congestion and irritation of the respiratory tract.


You may have a feeling of chest tightness, breathing, wheezing, cough, and everything also leads to sleep disorders, as well as an obvious dyspnea. The runny nose and itching, often extended to the palate and throat, are other manifestations symptomatic features. Do not forget the skin symptoms. The skin may be affected by the appearance of dermatitis, of eczema and rashes. The face and the scalp may become red.

The remedies

The remedies for allergy to dust mites may consist in the use of drugs. In particular they are used antihistamines, which contrast the process of production of histamine , the body determined by the presence of allergens. Decongestants relieve nasal congestion and corticosteroids entertainment, especially for the spray for topical, nasal, are able to reduce the nuisance caused by inflammation.

However, it is well to remember that, especially at home we have children who are allergic, it is important to provide a thorough cleaning of the home environment. It begins by covering mattresses and pillows with pillowcases impermeable to allergens, made ​​of plastic or other special materials. The sheets should be washed every week at a temperature of at least 60 ° or resorting to dry cleaning. Some measures relate specifically to the bedroom : limit the number of plush, avoid the use of curtains or carpet, place the clothes in the closets or drawers.

It is also appropriate to reduce by 50% the humidity of the house and make sure that the ambient temperature is kept around 21 degrees. In this way one can prevent the formation of mold. On the other hand there is a close link between allergy to dust mites and molds. This explains why the allergenic material derives it from the arcane, which is nourished by food, skin and molds.

Throughout the home the vacuum cleaner must be passed regularly, even if that eliminates the problem only for a short time. The amount of dust that remains after the treatments would be sufficient to trigger an attack of asthma in susceptible to mites and dust, even if cleaning with HEPA filters, the filters for fine dust , are more effective than those guaranteed by the normal filters, which tend to leave the home environment precisely the concentration of allergens most dangerous.

Are also available chemicals that kill mites, but their prolonged use is not recommended. It good to avoid the presence of plants and flowers in the house and the rooms must be well ventilated even in winter. As for the decor is better to choose the wood, metal and plastic, easy to wash. There is also the possibility to undergo a desensitisation to the allergen. This is what is commonly known as a vaccine. The whole is carried out in two phases. Are initially administered doses of allergen. In this way, the immune system can get used to remain indifferent. Then you must take a daily dose of preparation in a constant manner, even for three or five years.

For a phenomenon of cross-reactivity, you may have an allergy to dust mites making it sensitive to certain foods. That’s why it is also important to consider what not to eat. Examples in this sense can be made ​​of the kiwi, snails, both land and sea, from limpets and crustaceans in general. Pay attention to the nuts.