The craving for a hair worthy of shampoo advertising can lead us to follow the wrong routines and have a rebound or contrary to the wanted. For this to happen, we give you a list of habits that should be banished. Brush it too much. It can be a hobby and even a reflex act for many. However, this habit is known to have a rebound effect and ruin the hair fibers. The reason is that pulling damages the cuticles and fibers. The best choice makes a light brushing, which bleeds the hair. In addition, it is advisable to choose a brush with natural or soft bristles.

Mistakes in Hair Care

Do not wash it every day. As with the skin, the scalp needs daily hygiene to purify, detoxify and eliminate impurities. This has nothing to do with hair loss. If you notice many hairs in the shower when washing, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Use many beauty products. We usually get excited about the promises of oils, masks, foams and so on. At the time of using all together and overlapping, the results are not as expected. It happens that these products contain oils that are deposited in the hair and that are forming a film that weakens them.

The cuts with razor in theory, they provide a fresh and moving image. Although, those who have the finest and dehydrated hair can generate the damn frizz, difficult to control and solve. The solution: avoid this kind of cuts. Wear strapless hairstyles. Gummy and buckles damage capillary fibers. In addition, if it is always held in the same way, there will remain a difficult to remove mark. The discipline that deals with healthy hair care and director of the Institute of Hair specialized in hair therapies. The effective tips you could apply.