An alternative method, and absolutely not harmful to stop smoking: psychology.

How many times, lighting a cigarette, you said, “this is the last,” but confident tone with which you have spoken these words have then done quickly to soften, and the declaration have never followed the facts? The methods to quit smoking are many, in fact that even those who resort to ‘ anti-smoking hypnosis , but do not always have good results. It now seems that there is one really good: mindfulness. Let’s see what it is. According to a study published in the preview from the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” conducted in Texas on a group of 27 heavy smokers, the mindfulness helps to stop smoking permanently without resorting to drugs or cigarette substitutes . This practice allows you to build within themselves a place to recognize emotions, feelings and moments of her own life.


Watching them without judgment with a consciousness can focus on the mechanisms that turn away from what you really want, finding out what pushes discomfort to light a cigarette. It could be embarrassment, tension, inadequacy and listening to the difficulties that lead to make the gesture of lighting a cigarette, you can consciously decide whether to continue to be smokers or not. When you understand that smoking is not a means to reflect on aspects of self that do not like, you begin a journey to improve. Alibis smoker’s often the smoker is constructed alibis that allow him to continue with the habit, it is said that it is not able to stop because it is not the right time, because it is too stressed or you are experiencing a time of change.

Through mindfulness, however, we come to the realization that these are all excuses with yourself: you work on emotions and aspects of their lives unsatisfactory and when you become aware of it What leads to actions that create discomfort, lowering the voltage level and the desire to smoke is changed. By the time you learn to manage their emotions in a constructive way rather than set in motion destructive mechanisms. How Mindfulness can be proposed through different protocols, the one used in this research is the IBTM (Integrative body mind training) that in just two weeks allowed the participants to achieve excellent results. In Italy usually the module is used MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) which consists of 30 hours of work on oneself, divided into eight weekly sessions lasting two and a half hours.

The work of the group, but you can also choose an individual path. The goal is to reduce stress and tension to reach the information they need to quit smoking; between the sixth and the seventh meeting is scheduled half-day of intensive practice. At home then you have to exercise for an hour with cd and handouts. During the meetings are held various meditation practices, workshops with exercises in pairs or groups, insights and reflections on specific topics and discussion about the experience. At home you have to do your homework: an hour a day with cd and handouts.