For the development of the teeth milk teeth are extremely important. You assume important functions in many ways.

On the one hand is a healthy primary teeth following the foundation for strong teeth, diseased teeth on the other hand can cause severe pain, and thus also affect your health.

Development and growth

The development of the teeth begins in the womb. About six months after the birth takes place, including the eruption. The primary teeth consists of twenty teeth and sets up as follows:


Central incisors: Education between the sixth and eighth month of life

Lateral incisors: Education between the eighth and twelfth month of life

Anterior primary teeth: formation between the twelfth and sixteenth month of life

Canines: Education between the sixteenth and twentieth month of life

Rear baby teeth: Formation between the twentieth and thirtieth months

The time given for the growth can not be precisely defined in a different order and go ahead.

The second teeth come between the fifth and eighth year of the milk teeth. The pressure exerted by the new teeth to the milk teeth, the first generation can ultimately fail. The development of permanent teeth lasts until 14 Age of, then the growth of the teeth closed.

Health and Social Welfare

A sound bite can be developed only under selected conditions. Nutrition, proper dental care and checkups play an essential role.

Healthy teeth by eating right

Healthy food for teeth hidden in calcium-containing foods, as well as in vitamin D and fluoride in the supply. In dairy products like milk, cheese or yogurt, but also in certain vegetables such as broccoli, fennel or kale, and in mineral water and fruit juice contain calcium. The calcium contained in trace elements are not only important for the health of the teeth, but also play in the formation and strengthening of bones a role.

To prevent tooth decay, it is useful to the inclusion of sweet foods to control. The more times a day ingested sugary food is and the longer it remains in the mouth, the higher the probability that holes in the teeth. That is true not only for candy but for all foods that contain sugar and also for constant sipping on fruit juice bottles. It makes more sense to enjoy sweets in a small degree rather than to ban them completely or sweetened foods administer. Becomes a problem, snacking ‘only if it is uncontrolled and often.

Dental care: the be-all and for healthy teeth

For children it is advisable to start with the dental care as early as possible, preferably from the very first tooth. In the first months, the teeth are cleaned after meals with water, either with a single patch or with the index finger. At the age of one and a half years already, the teeth can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste with special children. It is also important that children learn right from the start brushing my teeth and go about the cleaning technique, each time followed the same pattern: First, decked floats all the chewing surfaces, then to the outer surfaces with a circular motion, always from the middle to right and left, finally, the inner surfaces of red ‘to’ white ‘wiped out.

Prevention and control

The premature loss of a child’s tooth of the first generation can take a negative influence on tooth position and the health of the teeth descendant. In addition, first teeth play an important role in the development of language. Problems with baby teeth can be discussed with the dentist, because unhealthy teeth or a bad position to directly influence the health of the mouth and affect adversely the child’s organism.

Regular checkups can save through early against long-term damage. As early as the twelfth month of life, it is recommended that you schedule regular visits to the dentist.