Occasional or chronic migraine hampers the quality of life of those who are affected. Here is a brief overview.

The origins

Sometimes misunderstood by family and professional, the migraine ruins the lives of those who are affected, either occasionally or chronically. Most of the time, we find that this disorder is linked to a genetic inheritance. For everyone, it is recognized that the seat of migraine head pain is felt as rapid as in this particular place. If we undertake to make a bit of etymology, the word itself comes from migraine medical vocabulary, especially as it comes from the word ” hemicrania “pain is evoked often occupying half skull, even if it is accompanied by other symptoms clearly identifiable.

The mechanism of migraine

The occurrence of migraine is the result of a complex process, the medical know perfectly since the pain is taken into account the patient. The process begins with the release of serotonin by platelets and a high urinary excretion of 5-hydroxy-indole-acetic acid , and this phase is called catabolism . This causes loss of serotonin in the blood vessels to dilate cephalic to the origin of the migraine attack. According to leading neurologists, there is evidence that the onset of migraine-type pain can also be the result of a control problem of the nervous control, as part of the cerebral circulation.


Manifestations of migraine

Migraine and its appearance are clearly identified by those who suffer on a daily basis, which makes the diagnosis relatively easy for medical practitioners. Most of the time, this is a severe headache and pulsatile that is mentioned: A migraine often have the impression that his heart stopped beating in his chest only, but also at his temples. In addition, there Gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea and vomiting. Very often, the crisis is also accompanied by an intolerance to light, as well as all kinds of noises and odors. More insidious, dizziness may call for the presence of a particularly acute crisis intensity. In children, signs are monitored to identify a migraine or a breeding ground for its appearance: abdominal pain, bouts of vomiting and motion sickness can be symptoms to be monitored.


Nowadays, the migraine attacks are fully considered by the treating physicians and neurologists. Some treatments are particularly effective. If the prescription painkillers common or specific can help curb a migraine and occasional low intensity, it is also possible to work on well-known factors of migraine, such as digestive and psychological, among others. This much, for all those whose usual treatments or no more effect on migraine and its intensity, generation of drugs – Sumatriptan or triptan , by the names – proves effective in 90% of patients. A migraine is treated even better than its factors are known and fully analyzed. The use of a physician, and one neurologist, is essential in matters of care and treatment.