Those who have never suffered from migraines can not understand the hell that means. But all hope is not lost to alleviate crises.

The numbers are striking: 12% of the French population suffer from migraine. A quarter of women aged 30 to 39 years. These headaches account for 18 million days of work stoppage. Migraine can be considered a real disease, although yet poorly understood by those who have never suffered. Debilitating disease in its own right because during crises, migraine can do anything else as having evil and seek to alleviate their discomfort.

Migraine or headache?

Everyone has had a day headache. Tempe painful neck and base of the skull painful. An analgesic tablet is often enough to stop the pain or reduce sufficiently to continue its activities. Migraine has different symptoms:

* Frequency: Migraine is a chronic disease. She returns regularly and lasts almost a lifetime.
* It is preceded by a general malaise: the feeling of sleep, dizziness, nausea, eye muscles tired.
* Pain seizes half a skull and only seems to follow every facial bone protrusions (eyebrows, cheekbones, jaw).
* Analgesics often have no effect, if not worsen nausea or nemesis.
* The crisis evolves according to the same process every time and often lasts at least 24 hours.
* During the crisis, the patient can not do: neither bear light or listen to a conversation or talk, he can only go to sleep by pressing the painful area with a hand, arm.


The causes of migraine

The pain is caused by dilation of interracial blood vessels under the action of serotonin (chemical secreted under the influence of stress, food, or hormones). As to why this serotonin is released in some people and not others, this is still a field full of questions for medicine. Heredity certainly comes into play: there are families of migraine.

Diet is an important factor, unfortunately, few patients seek the relationship between certain foods and migraine. But it could make their lives easier. Chocolate, white wine (sulfites) are often mentioned, but there are also eggs, glutamate (food thickener), dairy products, then many other foods that can cause migraines. Hormonal changes during menstruation are well known to trigger migraines. During pregnancy or after age 50, headaches usually disappear.

Treatment of migraine attacks

Migraines often gently mocking smile for those who offer methods “soft”, the latter often having no idea of ​​what a real headache. In fact, they often tried everything, but almost all come to the conclusion that a “bad dog” nothing but a “strong medicine” can not agree. Alternative medicine can be used to good effect in background for stress, fatigue, but they have no conclusive results in crisis.

The best treatment “horse” medicine has found that over the past decade, the trip tan: a molecule that does not affect the pain, but the process of venous dilatation. Trip tans therefore act on the cause, not the symptom. Trip tans such exist in the form of tablets, impermissible tablets or nasal spray. They are generally effective in all patients. However, they must be taken under medical supervision, and it is useful to try several before you find one that “works” best. Their side effects may be serious enough: tingling, muscle cramps on the face or limbs, drowsiness and their condition monitored very use (especially in their combination with other drugs). In the case of migraines “hormonal” background therapy can be applied, or the pill prescribed by a doctor, or a change of pill if necessary.

Watching your diet and see

Migraines should systematically study the possible relationship between migraine and what they ate the day before. That the elimination of a food may be sufficient to eliminate crises is well worth the effort to keep a food diary, day after day, for several weeks or months. 80% of migraine sufferers have never consulted a doctor. However, great progress has been made in the treatment of migraine and it is a pity to miss. Some hospitals have even today their dedicated service to the migraine. A big step forward and a great hope for migraine sufferers.