Many people attend a primary care physician with concern that actually require more care related to mental health or behavior. In these cases, a primary care provider may not be able to provide service to that patient, but will refer you to a professional mental health. This leads to a dissociated scenario where two separate doctors are treating a patient without interacting each other. To help solve this problem, comprehensive primary care centers can offer services of physical and mental health in one place.

integrate mental health


Consider how you want to manage your care. You may want to hire a mental health institution that is independent of your own primary care clinic. In this case, you should refer your patients to other facilities for their mental health needs while maintaining open communication between both clinics to better serve your patients. The other option is to hire mental health professionals to work in your clinic patients. In this way , all files can be shared and stored in a central site and your patients would only have to go to a clinic for all your health care needs.

Make a basic assessment of any patient who arrives with mental health problems. Adult patients are more likely to suffer from depression or stress, whereas younger patients may have problems with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety. By assessing the mental health of a patient and the needs identified during the appointment of primary care, you can determine holistically who would be the right supplier for mental health care regarding the needs of the patient and make a recommendation Related educated about mental health care.

Collaborates with someone else. In some cases, you may need to consult a mental health specialist about one of your patients and continuing medical care for yourself. In other cases, you can refer a patient to a specialist in mental health counseling and treatment. Maintain open lines of communication between primary care and mental health providers allows your patients receive the best possible comprehensive care.