The menstrual cramps are a fixture that every young woman, in many cases marks the agenda with a tinge of regret and annoyance, especially when it is characterized by episodes of intense pain, fatigue and irritability : These are menstruating, who regularly each month we present, in cases less “nice” a little early, with premenstrual syndrome and a variety of symptoms, menstrual pain and discomfort. In addition to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory, there are a number of remedies “soft” very useful.

Menstruation, what are they?

Better to be clear, once and for all, clearing away any possible doubt about the nature of menstruation, the monthly of every woman, from puberty to menopause. The term menstruation refers to the loss of blood of the female genitalia, linked to a process, absolutely physiological, flaking of the endometrium, the tissue that lines the inner part of the uterus which is renewed periodically.


The grandma’s remedies: the heat

If it is true that the heat increases the menstrual flow, for the vessel dilator effect that distinguishes, it is also true that a good deal of warmth, used in the right way turns out to be a real cure for pain and menstrual discomfort. A nice warm bath, the water is not too hot, it is a great ally during the cycle, because it helps to alleviate the typical cramps and pains. Same “magical power”, or rather soothing hot water bottle, which thanks to the antispasmodic action of heat, promotes relaxation of the abdominal muscles and the attenuation of trouble.

Natural remedies, homeopathic and herbal remedies

The Cuprum acetum is a great homeopathic remedy for pain typical of the menstrual cycle, thanks to its anti-spasmodic. In particular, it is ideal in the presence of painful spasms in the abdomen, which may have negative effects on quality of life. Despite the name, just “attractive”, devil’s claw, such as herbal remedy in case of dysmenorrhea is really good, especially thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

All the benefits of yoga

Yoga can also prove to be the right choice to counter menstrual pain. Some positions, such as upside down, have excellent communication skills decongestants, are able to mitigate all the typical symptoms of dysmenorrhea: swelling , fatigue, nausea , fluid retention and venous congestion .