Nearly one in five men from the so-called “erectile dysfunction” affects. In this case, the erectile tissue in the penis fill with blood and an erection does not occur. This problem can be triggered by various causes.

In addition to psychological reasons, can also be an organic cause. Surgical procedures for diseases of the prostate, diabetes and hormonal disorders but may have an impact on erectile function. Let’s clarify definitely by your family doctor or urologist from, whether your problems are of organic origin. Even the general physical condition may have an impact on male fertility. Preventive a healthy amount of exercise is helpful. The generally improved circulation benefits the sex organs. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity, however, the damage potential.


Treatment options

Do not be afraid to take medication or mechanical assistance to complete if you have erectile dysfunction. If the doctor an indication determine which health insurance companies in most cases, the associated costs. Meanwhile, it has taken the blue pill Viagra with Sildenafil to prominence. The drug increased by a better blood flow erection. But it may have some unwanted side effects. So, talk to before taking any case to their doctor.

When SKAT therapy a customized amount of a drug is injected into the corpora cavernosa. This leads to a relaxation of smooth muscle, allowing the inflow of blood into the corpora cavernosa. The needles are very thin and fine today, so that the injection is practically painless. The disadvantage of this method is its adverse effect on the spontaneity of love experience. Furthermore, the cavernosa are at each puncture injured minimal, so that no more than two SKAT syringes per week.

The vacuum erection pump generates the man a negative pressure in a chamber that is placed over the penis. Thereby, the blood filling of the erectile tissue is brought about and there is a stiffening of the limb. In order to maintain the erection, a penis ring is attached to the penis. Premature Blutabstrom from the corpora cavernosa is prevented. The use of the male sex hormone testosterone is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in question. With this you advise her doctor.