According to a recent study, meditation can have analgesic effects and be used as an alternative therapy for pain.

Already in the past had been highlighted the positive results of meditation techniques in patients suffering from cancer, but now with the study conducted by Wake Forest Baptis Medical Center Meditation has been shown and proven as a brief training in meditation techniques can reduce the sensation of pain and brain activity linked to pain . research The research involved 15 healthy people who had never practiced meditation , letting them follow 4 lessons of 20 minutes each to teach the basic techniques of ‘ focused attention , a type of meditation during which subjects must focus on your breathing distracted by thoughts and feelings outside . before and after class, especially through an MRI that allows the measurement of brain processes, was monitoring the brain activity of these volunteers while being procured them the pain.


In subsequent measurements the meditation sessions people had a much lower perception of pain, also highlighted by the reduced activity of the extrasensory cortex, the area most affected during physical suffering. seems that even breathing and meditation are more potent certain painkillers such as morphine also. Workout Of course, the more a person is trained and able to meditate, relax and breathe properly, it is capable of relieving the pain. would be enough to begin with a simple exercise and when you have a pain is not too strong , such as headaches or stomach, try to focus your mind, freeing it from negative thoughts .

Most people, however, when a disturbance, however slight, tends to exaggerate the problem, start doing negative thoughts and especially it is not able to accommodate the pain. If we were to close your eyes, breathe slowly and see something positive, we would learn to have more control over the pain. Meditation helps focus on reducing the psychological situations such as anxiety, stress, fear and anger, which increase rather than reduce the pain. Ranges application Meditation techniques can be applied to try to minimize any situation of pain and suffering, mental and physical . ‘s research has highlighted a particular effectiveness of meditation in situations of chronic pain and insomnia, as well as for cancer, heart disease , headaches and back pain .