The hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha), which grows as a shrub bears white flowers and thorns whence it derives its name also, and may easily reach tree height. In late summer, he leads dark red fruits, which taste mealy. The fruits were eaten by the poorer population, and formerly served often as a flour substitute. In botany, a distinction is made between the two interventions and then styled hawthorn.


The herb is widely used in Europe, ranging as far as Scandinavia and the UK. As a remedy, the hawthorn in Europe, unlike in China, until the 19th Century used. The Weißdorntee is, as well as those made from his drugs, prepared from the flowers, leaves and fruits, mostly used in cardiac diseases. It promotes the circulation of the coronary arteries and the heart muscle and thus increases the cardiac output. Especially in milder symptoms, such as the so-called adult heart, the hawthorn in good stead. However, heart problems should not be taken lightly, it is always advisable to consult a doctor and to clarify suspicious complaints and disagreements.

Importantly, the application to extend over a longer period of at least 6 weeks, as natural healing agents have a gentle time and time until they can develop their full potential.
Similarly, the medicinal plant for heart failure (the heart is no longer in a position to the surrounding tissue with sufficient blood and oxygen supply) and Pulsunregelmäßigkeit used in homeopathy.


• regulation and normalization of blood pressure
• Promotes blood flow in the coronary vessels
• If a free radical scavenger
• Positive effects of kidney and bladder complaints
• atherosclerosis
• Reassuring
• menopausal symptoms

Due to its generally well tolerated – it barely interactions with other drugs, he or low-side effects can be over a longer period, also preventing drunk, or taken in tablet form. During the administration of digitalis or agents are for high blood pressure need to go without the use of hawthorn preparations.

• 1-2 grams of fine cut flowers and leaves are covered with boiling water. The infusion of tea is 15 minutes. For the prevention and strengthen you to drink 4-5 cups a day. Premixes are available in pharmacies and health food stores.