How about making your water even more useful for your system just add honey, yes honey. I know what you are thinking: It is full of sugar and it is so sweet. How can it be healthy? Do not fear dear reader! Honey is very very good for you. Drinking a glass of hot water with honey every day can improve your health and even protect against disease. Yes, you have read well, these are the benefits if you start drinking water with honey every day:

Honey Water

Medicinal Benefits of Honey Water

If you suffer from swelling or feel that you have gas on a regular basis, then a cup of warm water with honey will help to neutralize the gas in your system. You will feel lighter almost immediately.

Stimulates the immune system

Honey has some amazing properties to stimulate the immune system. Be sure to buy raw organic honey to get maximum benefit. Honey is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that protect against any unpleasant bacteria.

Eliminates toxins

Honey and hot water is one of the best combinations to remove waste from your body. Say goodbye to toxins and detoxify your system. Oh, and a quick tip, adding lemon will help you further, helping to increase urination.

Cleanses the skin

Yes, honey is a natural antioxidant that helps eliminate waste and thanks to the anti bacterial properties helps to keep the skin clean and healthier than ever.

Help in weight loss

Your first thought is probably the amount of sugar. Yes, there is sugar in honey, but it is totally different from white sugar, it is a natural sweetener. These natural sugars help to satisfy your daily cravings. In fact, if you change your sweetener into honey water you will save up to 64% more calories.

Improves sore throat

There is a reason why hot honey water is one of the favorite winter remedies it can help soothe sore throat. Honey is a natural remedy for respiratory infections and common cough, so the next time you have a cold, drink honey.

Regulates blood sugar levels

As we have commented, while honey contains a good amount of sugar, it is not the same as white sugar, the combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body to regulate blood sugar levels, and cholesterol as well.

Avoid the risk of heart disease

Antioxidants in honey help prevent and reduce the risk of heart disease. Honey slows down the oxidation process of bad cholesterol in the blood, which can have a harmful effect on your heart that leads to seizures and even a stroke.