Those who’ve heard of medical trials but don’t know a lot about them might be led to believe that participating in these trials is like giving permission to become a human guinea pig. But these government-regulated trials are anything but random experiments. A great deal of medical knowledge is gained by medical professionals working with participants in closely monitored, safe trials. Before you write off the opportunity to participate, read on to learn more about trials for new medicines and how your participation can be beneficial to you and many others.

  • The Purpose of Clinical Trials. Trials for new medicines are conducted in different phases. During each phase, doctors and other medical professionals follow your progress as you use a new medicine or a placebo. The purpose of these trials is to learn how the medicine helps to treat a particular condition, or if it helps at all. With each phase of the trial, improvements and changes can be made to help those conducting the trial determine whether or not the medicine can help others in the future.
  • The Qualification Process. To determine if you’re well-suited for a particular trial, you’ll fill out an application, talk to someone involved in it and undergo an exam. Since these trials are often used for specific findings, those conducting the drug trials need participants that meet the criteria. If you don’t qualify or choose not to participate, there will always be other opportunities in the future.
  • Health and Safety throughout the Trial. Your health and safety are closely monitored throughout the trial. Before the trial can even begin, it must meet the standards and regulations set forth by the government. There’s no need to worry about putting your health at-risk with participation.

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  • How Participation Benefits You. In addition to receiving free medical care, you’ll also be paid for your participation in the trial. If you’d like to pay off debt or save for a vacation, trial participation can be an excellent way to bring in extra money without committing to a regular job.
  • Benefits to Others. Other people will also benefit from your participation. The medicine you try might end up being used to help people with serious or chronic illnesses. Likewise, the medical community can learn more about the medicine and how it can be used to treat patients. Trial participation can be an effective way to give to others while gaining something for yourself.

Volunteering for trials focusing on new medicine is a great opportunity to help yourself and others. Since participation can be worked around your schedule, these opportunities are ideal for most any person, including college students, part-time workers and those looking for occasional money-earning opportunities. Trials for medicine are conducted throughout the year at hospitals and medical universities. You can contact locations near you to find out more about upcoming trials and begin the application process to see if you qualify. The time you take to become involved in an occasional trial can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.