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We will take advantage of this opportunity to reveal a new aspect of the massage Californian, namely that we owe this to a therapist and Austrian born last century. Psychoanalysis from the old Europe, through the psychoanalyst W Reich is the substrate for the body therapies in vogue in the USA since the 1970s. For Reich, fears, pain and guilt become embedded in the organs and muscles, the body instead of the unconscious. The revolutionary bio-energy Equestriennes designs at the time have found fertile ground for growth in the USA must specify that Reich was two redhibitory defects to the Gestapo: Jewish and Communist! Alexander Lowen has developed and pushed the concept to make it a full-fledged science which deals with the body and the psyche as two interdependent entities.


Reich very early had the intuition that resistances and blockages are structured in the body. According to this new theory, any trauma will leave a physical trace in the body. Being a massage therapist warned, Californian massage, pierces update deadlocks and anxieties embedded in the muscles. It took in time so that the concepts developed by Reich, translate concretely into therapeutic tools such as those developed by the centre of Esalen, and among them the famous Californian massage. New including the Californian massage therapy techniques, developed at the Esalen Institute in the radiant California. Some even claim that was born there, the most innovative therapeutic offer in the 20th century. The Californian massage rehabilitates the touch, this report parent – child which could be made evil by the circumstances.

The Californian massage takes the individual as a whole and does not split the flow of energy metabolism.Thus the physical benefits of massage reflect on the mental, that it even of anguish, helps the metabolism of better work by creating a virtuous circle. A body who have “had” a Californian massage left regenerated, serene and more functional, and the Californian massage contains all the technical ingredients touch to bring these benefits to the body.

As such it seems vain, or even ineffective to enact a typical massage session when it comes to Californian massage. This type of massage requires a higher qualification in order to flush out the body various malfunctions and to confront them with the prospective patient’s psychological. If the technical nature of the practitioner plays on the success of the Californian massage, the availability of the patient, his cooperation, are critical in this case, how a Californian massage could succeed, if the patient is impervious to his own feelings and does not communicate ? the interaction between the masseur and the customer determines largely the conduct of the meeting and its technicalities. the gestures of the practitioner is constructed in terms of perceptions and perceived echoes. The effectiveness of the Californian massage depends on the kick of the training level of skill or talent of the massager. And this more than any other massage.