Minor injuries and skin infections are very common in everyday life how beautiful that is also capable of this “suffering” a little herb.

Effects of marigold

The bright marigold, popularly known as buttercup or gold flower called blooms from summer to autumn and embellished with flowers not just some tea or conjures up a spot color in the garden, but it is impossible to imagine even out the skin care. Hildegard of Bingen already knew about the healing effects of the ‘Calendula officinalis’ notice. For poorly healing wounds, the fresh juice of the marigold promote the healing of wounds and rebuild the damaged tissue. Even the removal of warts is said to have the marigold whether it falls into the realm of myth can only try each for yourself.


Although the marigold is mainly external, in the form of ointments and tinctures, used, but it can be drunk as well as tea and support the body in self healing. The tea has antispasmodic and digestive organs can thus be strengthened and inflammation are alleviated. The flowers contain valuable essential oils, flavonoids, saponins and bitter substances. Therefore, for an oil extraction (maceration) used mainly the flowers. The ingredients have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and promote healing of minor skin wounds and cracks. In addition to high traffic and blemished skin and sunburn speaks very well to treatment with marigold extracts.

Calendula ointment homemade

A marigold ointment, you can either buy at a pharmacy or make themselves. This cream is suitable for the daily care of the evening. She is a little fatter, but caring and well-suited for stressed skin.

Recipe: 20 g calendula oil, shea butter 5 grams, 6 grams Lamecreme, 40 g of distilled water, 5 drops of evening primrose oil, 15 drops of A-preservative.

The marigold oil is heated with the Lame cream until the cream is melted. Take the mixture from the heat and melt the shea butter to leave. In the meantime, the water is heated. You can also take green tea instead of water or a Lavendelhydrolat. If the fat and water have the same temperature, the water is mixed into the oil mixture and whisk until mixed with, until a creamy consistency. Now can be further stirred by hand. Is the cream “lukewarm” to come into the evening primrose oil and preservatives. The cream can now be in ointment jars filled and labeled. You can also cook the cream naturally without preservatives, it is kept in the fridge and use up quickly. In the book “juices, essences and perfumes from the garden of nature” by Franz Severin Berger and Christiane Holler you will find not only the traditional marigold ointment, made with lard, but also instructions for oil extracts and tonic with a wide variety of plants and herbs.

Marigold tea

Pour boiling water over one heaped teaspoon of calendula flowers and let the tea take approximately five to ten minutes.