The birth of a child is already in itself a cause of stress. In the case of a baby born prematurely, voltage sources are multiplied.

It is quite normal to go through a range of emotions and concerns while we waited for October and that baby was born in July.

Preterm birth: a disaster

Suddenly become the parent of a tiny baby 950 grams, unable to breathe by himself, is simply the disaster! Most parents feel that the sky may fall on their head or they live a bad dream! The language used by parents speak for themselves: “absolute disaster”, “drama”, “monumental disaster”, “hell”!Premature birth is a highly destabilizing event, the usual landmarks no longer exist. Nothing happens as we were told. It is as if we had planned to live under the hot sun of the South and we ended up in a blizzard on the ice, with baggage a swimsuit, shorts and a guide to hot countries now useless.Premature birth, be it the first baby of the family or younger, while the two older children weighed them, around three and a half pounds at birth, always causes a terrible shock and asks the parents an effort huge adjustment.

Experience an influx of emotions and feelings

For most parents, this event will undoubtedly be one of the most stressful times of their lives. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and lost, especially as sources of stress do not miss!


* Parents abut the same questions: “Why did this happen?”, And especially “Why us?”
* Anger and helplessness of the mother have been deprived of the end of her pregnancy, her role as mother.
* Great disappointment at not having been able to carry her pregnancy to term, not having had the opportunity to let the baby grow at their own pace in the best conditions in the womb.
* Disappointed expectations in relation to the baby.
* Sense of failure.
* Drop in self-esteem.
* Guilt of the mother and father’s sense of futility that can make her beautiful baby in her arms.
* Insecurity, precariousness, like living day to day.
* Sense of rivalry against professionals: delegate the care of her baby is fussy.
* Feeling of being incompetent, not being up to the situation.
* Frustration about the barriers that prevent or limit physical contact. Inability to rock or breastfeed her baby. It is not always easy not to touch or take as we would like or as often as you like.

The birth of a premature baby is a real revolution, and it is important to recognize the feelings it arouses. In general, these will fade as the baby gain weight. If the baby is very sick, dies that are predictable, this difficult period will be extended of course. It may be useful in some cases to seek professional help to facilitate this adjustment period.