It is the ideal ally for the prevention and early detection of the most prevalent form of cancer among women, breast cancer, the mammogram exam is a simple, fast and risk-free, that can cleanly cut the death rate for cancer breast. In fact, thanks to regular mammography screening, the cancer mortality rate for breast cancer can be reduced by 45%. That’s what it is for, if it were not yet quite clear, when and how to do it, because mammography can be a real lifesaver.

Number one ally against breast cancer

Together with the ultrasound, recommended as a diagnostic technique to women under the age of 40 years, mammography is the number one ally against breast cancer. It is the star of the winning strategy to unmask as soon as possible this terrible form of cancer for women. It is a consideration that, by analyzing the morphological characteristics of the breast, allows to detect and highlight breast lesions at an early stage. A diagnostic method capable of detecting even smaller lesions.


How to do it, risks and directions

It does not need directions or special preparations and does not involve even real risks or dangers, mammography is not painful and involves a low dose of ionizing radiation. The whole matter of a few minutes and mammography carefully examines the morphology of the breast to bring to light any anomalies. During the examination of the breast is positioned on a suitable support and the same is slightly compressed between two plates coated to facilitate the detection diagnostics.

When to do it?

Approximately after the age of forty years, the examination is to be repeated every two years. More than a question of age is all a matter of morphology and structure of the breast: mammography can provide satisfactory results after forty years because at this stage of a woman’s life the glandular component of the breast, before prevailing, lost in space favor of adipose tissue.

If forty years before mammography is not recommended, except in exceptional cases, the Ministry of Health recommends screening mammography, offering it for free via the local health authorities territorially, between 50 and 69 years. Clarified when the identifying point of view, we have to clear it from another point of view, that adulatory and hormonal. Better to fix the mammogram between the fifth and 12th day from the beginning of menstruation, to avoid the period of ovulation, when the breast tension could alter the effectiveness of the examination.