Let’s be honest: the holidays is not really the timing of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Better to be realistic and admit immediately that will probably some sprain’s Food Guide. Too banned lead straight to the excess. This does not mean that we should not give in to our cravings and binge logs and pies for two weeks. Is it possible to minimize the damage? Altogether. Provided well prepared “the mind.”

The great food: drifting

Yes, there will be food rich, decadent, served at odd hours. Meals that drag while you are expected around an hour for another meal. That’s the holiday season. It is still possible to avoid upset stomach adopting some basic rules:

Avoids arriving hungry at a party

If very hungry before you go, nibble on some crackers, a piece of cheese, nuts, we made ​​a brief snack supporting. It will be less tempted to empty the bowl of chips or laminated plate with mushrooms. We think health, while slightly spoiling. As we know, nothing is more tempting than what is forbidden. We do not hesitate to try the appetizers or dishes that tempt us, but prefers healthy foods.

We listen to our hunger

Sounds simple, but we are more accustomed to recognize and especially to listen to our hunger and satiety. We eat slowly and remains on the lookout. We have more hungry? It stops eating. We console ourselves by saying that there will be stew tomorrow or day after tomorrow.


You stay away from buffets.

It is a plate and we will sit down away from the table with food. We drink a lot water! Alcohol and salt in food we dehydrate, causing headaches and discomfort of any kind. In the kitchen, we taste with restraint. As we know, nothing is easier than to fill the belly, just preparing the meal. A small bite of stuffing, one or two spoonfuls of soup, one or two croutons. We remain vigilant!

It moves!

If you have the discipline to continue your exercise program, do you much good! Move by means not sit at the table or in the lounge all day. We made an effort every day to go out for a walk with your family, play in the snow with the kids (and it is not missing the snow this year!). Nothing like a half hour away to blush cheeks and give pep. It was beautiful railing against the winter, if you dress properly and you take the time to admire the beautiful scenery, we see that this is a beautiful season. Why not register an activity program for your brunch? After the meal, we invite the whole table to come for a walk. Who knows, perhaps you will taste the fresh air everyday?


We take advantage of days off to recharge sleep. We try not to overload the schedule and rest. Recent studies show a link between lack of sleep and weight gain. Who sleeps dines? No: sleeping lose weight. To promote sleep, you avoid eating before bedtime, we limit our consumption of coffee, chocolate and other stimulants in the evening and moves. And we do not bother to take naps if time permits. But the golden rule to feel good about yourself is to spend time with ours. If we give our friends and family in the heart of the festivities, it is a safe bet we cease to feel guilty and anxious days, even weeks in advance on our waistlines.