Fixed or removable, your denture is made bespoke and tailored to your mouth. Although made of materials that last over time, it needs a daily maintenance. Advice Infertility with Dr. Christophe, dentist and national spokesperson for the UFSBD.

A brushing twice daily

Plaque also forms well on natural teeth than dentures. To eliminate it, brushing is the most effective technique. How to go: “To clean a removable prosthesis, it must be removed at least 2 times / day and the brush as well as outside the . within Before the hand, brush the remaining teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any food deposits in the gums, “says Dr. Lequart. Precautions: prostheses are manufactured in a less resistant resin that ‘natural tooth enamel, it is important to treat it gently. Use a special brush prosthesis and cleaning with water or soap are then necessary. Made of food debris and bacteria, plaque is the cause of most diseases of the mouth, such as gum inflammation, cavities, bad breath, tartar formation. these brushes tooth found in pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets.


Or not to remove the prosthesis for the night?

What to do: “If your denture is fitted perfectly and it does not bother you, you can keep the night without problem,” says Dr. Lequart. You choose to remove it: if previously it was advisable to soak in water or keep it in a damp atmosphere, it is no longer the case with the materials of new dentures. Merely put it on your bedside table or in a box dry enough. Think about it: when cleaning the evening, you can use effervescent tablets adapted soaking 1-2 times / week. This has the effect of strengthening the cleaning.

A tip: rinse your dentures over a sink filled with water to prevent your dentures from breaking if it falls.