In women, breast cancer is stabilized. In contrast, lung cancer, tobacco-related, will make up 20% in 2011, says InVs.

The weather is rain. Forecasts of the Institute of Health Surveillance (InVs) are not optimistic in the field of cancer. In a document downloaded from the website InVS, Institute shows that 207,000 men and 158,500 women will be diagnosed with cancer during the year 2011, which represents about 1,000 new cases every day. Finally, this year the disease kills 84,500 men and 63,000 women, show that equality in terms of morbidity, begins to settle between the two sexes. Mainly because of smoking.

Relative stability of cancers in men

A statistical study.

InVS made these projections for 2011, partnering with French cancer registries, the Department of Bio statistics at the Hospices Civil of Lyon (HCL) and the National Cancer Institute (INCA). He also used the data of prevalence of Inseam in 2006, and mortality data in 2008. Finally, the Institute stated that he had “taken into account the evolution of risk factors for each cancer and trends published by other countries.”


Cancer of the prostate.

Compared to estimates 2010 (357 500 cases men and women, including 146 500 deaths), the InVs finds a relatively stable number of cases (2.2%) and deaths (0.7%). The Institute announces 207,000 cancers in humans in 2011 (we counted 203 500 in 2010 ). The sad charts cancer is, like last year, the prostate cancer will happen first with 71 000 cases ahead lung cancer (27,500 cases) and colorectal cancer (21,500 cases).

The women are smoking more

Stability of breast cancer.

The Institute provides 158,500 cases of cancer in women ( 154,600 in 2010, 149,200 in 2009 ). Cancer is still the most common breast cancer with 53 000 (11 500 deaths), although experts believe that this disease is now stabilizing in France for several reasons: screening campaigns begin to pay, hormone replacement therapy who are in foster regression and research continues to advance. Colorectal cancer should affect 19,000 women and causing 8300 deaths.

Cancer “smoker.”

But a new form of cancer worry more oncologists, cancer called “smoker”, or lung cancer. In recent years, women have begun to catch men in the “Death Race” and it is expected in 2011 to 12 000 cancers of this type will result in no less than 8100 deaths (7700 in 2010). This will be 20% more cases of lung cancer a year and a 5% additional deaths.

An increase of 6%

Arlette Danzon, head of the Cancer Unit, Department of Chronic Diseases and Injuries of the Invs, said in that most of these cancers are due to an aging population. However, it is very concerned by the surge of lung cancer in women: “The trend studies show that between 2000 and 2005, the rate of lung cancer in women has increased by an average of 6%. There is an explanation for this: women started smoking later in the twentieth century than men. Today, they are the “catch up”. We know that smoking is a major factor in the disease. “According to France Info, “Gilbert Lenoir, President of the League against Cancer , said that in 90% of cases, cigarette smoking is the cause of lung cancer.