Lumbar Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases affecting the spine today. It is as the name suggests the lumbar level, therefore the lower back. It particularly affects more than 50 years, but the gymnasts and dancers in retirement, because of their daily work on lumbar curve. This disease is due to wear of the inter vertebral discs. In fact, our spine is composed of vertebrae between them are small pads that help absorb the bumps of everyday and sport. These pads are called “inter vertebral discs” and spend an age these discs begin to wear seriously, crumble and no longer fulfill their role as shock absorber.

Sometimes we speak of a lumbar disc herniation is a piece of disc that will escape and will irritate the nerves that exit the spine. Will follow generally episodes of sciatica, that is to say, the feeling of shock in the buttock and thigh. At this point, only an MRI can reveal this lesion. And depending on the size of the hernia, there will be two types of treatment. If the hernia is of normal size, the focus of the rest, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. By cons, if the hernia is large and begins to compress the spinal cord, the only option is the surgery because the consequences can be serious loss of strength and sensitivity to life.


Osteoarthritis several specific symptoms, back pain, stiffness, warmth, swelling, all signs that make this very unpleasant disease. Fortunately, these symptoms are not always present. Osteoarthritis is defined crisis episodes, which can last a few days. In general, they often trigger a change in temperature or humidity, because the joints are very sensitive to these changes.

Why the lumbar osteoarthritis affects you more than the rest of it back? Well, simply because it is the back portion that supports the most weight. Indeed, the neck support the head, dorsal occupy the head and trunk. Lumbar eventually transmit all the higher pressure to the pelvis and lower limbs. So it is at this level that the disks will be the busiest. Just in addition, the person is a lordosis (curvature) and important work will be more painful.