Lumbar back pain? Back pain that affects the lower back with pain often unbearable? Never fear, though the trouble seems to come, making even the most mundane movements almost impossible, with the remedies and exercises right, the pain can be alleviated effectively. Here is some useful information, about symptoms, causes, ranging from discomfort to the kidneys to sciatica, and some tips on what to do.

What’s this

The name says it all, or at least the essentials. The lumbar back pain is a painful syndrome localized at the level of the lumbar spine in the lower back. A pain that can be excruciating and sudden or gradual and progressive. Given these symptoms, you just have to unmask the causes. The low back pain can be the source or the spinal cord. In the first case, the most probable are responsible for hernias or osteoarthritis, while in the second case the range of possible causes is expanded, including muscle problems, gynecological and posture, but also overweight and living habits are wrong. In fact, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and excess weight can compromise the health of your back and trigger painful episodes.

What to do?

If the pain is kind of secondary, that is more than a disorder in itself is a symptom of another condition, it is easy to understand, you will need to treat the disease trigger. In other cases, you may opt, under close medical supervision and relying on skilled professionals, for a course of massage and manipulation contracting and warm compresses on the affected area. The best treatment, however, is prevention which includes greater attention to the posture assumed, constant and regular physical activity, weight management or healthy eating.

The exercises

To prevent, but also to relieve the back pain, there are some useful exercises. Here are three easy to do well for themselves at home.

1. Knees to chest . Start with your back on the floor, legs straight, then lift your right leg, with the knee bent to bring to the chest and squeeze with your hands; repeat with the other leg, 10 times on each side.

2. twist . The starting point is to lie down with his back to the ground and open arms perpendicular to the body and resting on the ground; bend the right leg, making a twisting of the abdomen, to the left, bringing the foot to touch the ground. Repeat with the other leg, again with cross and twist; perform 10 sessions.

3. Extension . Lying on his stomach on the ground; folded arms and hands on the ground; raise the head, shoulders upward, turning his gaze to the sky. Repeat 10 times.