Glucose, high or low? To find out, you need to check the values ​​of high glucose, which indicates precisely the concentration levels of glucose in the blood. But if the glucose is too high or too low, what to do, what are the remedies most effective? Here is some useful information on the purpose and some answers to doubts and misgivings regarding glucose and blood glucose.


Glucose is a sugar, star of cellular energy metabolism, which is introduced into the body through food and above all, by choosing foods that are particularly rich . The values ​​of glucose in the blood depends on the diet and good lifestyle habits, but not only, because they undergo the influence of hormones. The hormonal regulation of blood glucose, in particular, is entrusted to the action of hyperglycemia hormones, such as Goolagong, and those hypoglycemics, such as insulin.


The reference values

To detect glucose levels, making a blood test, thanks to which we highlight the values ​​of blood glucose, the concentration of this sugar in the blood. The concentration of glucose, to be the norm, should be the result of a delicate balance between the amount of sugar introduced into the body through the supply and the quantity of the same exploited by the various parts of the body. If the delicate balance does not hold, often complicit in the problems of hormonal regulation, you may experience hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, conditions characterized, respectively, by low or high levels of glucose in the blood.

The remedies

If the readings of blood glucose levels are too high or too low, better to turn immediately to the doctor for further investigation and to prepare the necessary remedies. The diet can be helpful, if imbalances are limited. The alternative, in the presence of more serious disorders, such as diabetes, will require prescription drugs specific.