There are many patients who seek help alleviate the psychotherapist to a penalty of love, but at the same time they are not willing to part with the intrusive thought that is the cause of their pain: the loved one that escapes. Begin a course of treatment with this kind of premise may seem a matter illogical and paradoxical but in fact we are entering into a scenario where the contradictions are so delicate the main role … it love suffers long and is kind, impossible love.

There are people who just need to live love stories where you ruin the existence and annihilate you consume. They are attracted by the stories seasoned with little realistic aspects but nuanced fantasized. They are individuals who, with great ease, hiding their “true self,” crush their true nature, replacing it with ways of thinking and behavior borrowed from their own parents or by those they admire. Sometimes it may seem too condescending to the desires of others, perhaps for fear of not being loved and not to be rejected.


These patients soon learn not to express the fragility of emotional needs, they seem to be convinced they can not help but love and for the care. They live as if they were in a constant waiting for something that is never realized then, something impossible in fact.

Waiting for him to finally leave his wife or her to change or to finally get that job so idealized that will turn their unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Show great patience in the meantime, prefer to stay in suspension. Who is “suspended” it is as if he did not live in the present but is completely overwhelmed by a past that strongly affects the current moment. They were unloved children, have lived in some ways the pain of abandonment. Only those who, as a child, he felt a great pain can learn, as an adult, you bear when it recurs even for long periods without mention of terseness release and thus change their fate. Individuals are fascinated by those who did not intend to share a project with them, and the tenacity with which tolerate this type of frustration just shows an intense bond with a painful past that reinforces their role in the drama created by the family dynamics.