From the first weeks of pregnancy a woman’s body shows obvious changes. It ‘a body that is preparing to host for 9 long months the fetus.

In this article we pause to mention the breast, which changes immediately. Even if you have not done a pregnancy test, you can definitely notice the increase in breast volume, a clear signal of positive test! In addition to this, also change the nipples becoming darker, and the aureola, or the area around the nipples become more prominent. It can happen that there are leaks from the breast of a mixed color between yellow and white. It’s a perfectly normal, even if you do not happen to all women during pregnancy. The losses from the breast can be noted during pregnancy, in both breasts, after stimulation, it is sufficient even though a little pressure to cause these losses. This is known as colostrum , the first milk that you will offer to your newborn baby.


What is colostrum? Colostrum is very dense, and it is very important for the baby, as it contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, antibodies. After a few days the colostrum changes into milk of transition, which in ten days will turn into milk definitive , just what you feed the baby. And from then on, thanks to the suckling of the baby, you start producing breast milk that will feed until it produces. The more the baby is nourished with the milk of the mother, the more it stimulates the production. As we said the breast during pregnancy increases in volume, and this is one of the reasons for the losses from the breast.

The breast-feeding and getting ready to the last few weeks it becomes very swollen. Only this time, the losses can leak independently, without any pressure. Of course, all is not connected to being able to breastfeed or not. Even during lactation, there may be losses, especially after having breastfed and if you have so much breast. Commercially found the nursing pads to put around the breast before putting on her bra, after feeding. The ideal would be to make compresses also to ward off the pain of breastfeeding classics: sore nipples and breast engorgement mainly. To prevent fissures healing ointments can be used and in case of unbearable pain, it is best to consult your gynecologist who will advise you on the best.