Many people wonder whether it is really a story founded or not: is it really possible to lose weight with green tea? habitual consumption of this beverage offers a wide range of health benefits and one of the main advantages is that it actually helps in weight loss. It ‘been shown that green tea helps to burn fat and calories in a totally natural, with no contraindication to health. Since studies show that this precious brew accelerates the metabolism of 4%, the equivalent of about 100 calories per day, which are not many, but undoubtedly have a positive effect when combined with a healthy diet and constant movement. curious to know the secrets This slimming effect? I reveal them to us!


Reduces fat The high content of poly-phenols present in green tea counteracts the excess of triglycerides in the blood : these trigger a certain enzyme in the body that has the ability to dissolve fats and “clean” so our body from excess fat. stimulates the metabolism Green tea contains several powerful antioxidants. This element, in combination with the caffeine, which is also contained in green tea, has a tremendous ability to stimulate the metabolism of the body and thereby accelerating the loss of weight, the process that uses the body fat as fuel to generate energy. For the same reason we will also have greater endurance during exercise.

Moreover, the poly phenols of the catechize, which are present in green tea, stimulates the muscle cells and the liver to use more fatty acids. Stimulates diuresis and fights cellulite and ‘a rich infusion of bromine, two substances that promote diuresis . In this way, the excess fluid will be expelled, and as a result you will have a drop in weight, the critical areas such as stomach, buttocks and legs deflate and you will perceive a sensation of lightness.

Remember that combat water retention means diminish cellulite and as a result the skin orange peel. This can also help lower consumption of salt at the table. Relieves the feeling of hunger Thanks to catechize, which inhibits glucose transport to the fat cells, raising the level of sugar in the blood is moderate . When insulin is stable, so is the sense of hunger: this allows you to not eat between meals, maybe junk foods that will bring unnecessary calories for our body. To lose weight with green tea, try to consume 3 or 4 cups a day for at least 3 weeks and you will start to see the first pleasant results. In addition, this brew will become a pleasant and healthy daily habit.