Bach flower remedies can definitely help to get back into emotional balance. But can you actually lose weight even with the essences?

Yes, if it were really so easy for a few drops or globules of gourmet food, then lying lazily on the couch and then the pounds disappear anyway.

Reduction in calories is a must!

So it’s not natural. To lose weight, the calories in principle be higher than the energy demand, all other promises are dubious. The nuts and bolts of losing weight is to reduce the number of daily calories is best used in combination with exercise. Less the amount of food in itself is usually not necessary and not advisable, as they entail nagging hunger pangs, the judge on a diet in most cases to fail anyway. It is quite possible to eat a diet full, not because the crowd does it matter, but the content of the diet of carbohydrates and fats. A change in diet is therefore of paramount importance will change, because only those who give up their love over the years gained high-calorie diets and eating habits will be able to lose weight permanently.

Conversion of eating behavior with Bach flowers

But just the diet and eating habits are the biggest problems with weight loss. While it may work the first few days because of the good intent and a lot of good discipline, it often flips really after a certain time and the food cravings is the beloved chocolate or bag of chips can no longer dominate. Right here, the essences of Dr. Bach, whose most famous undoubtedly the Rescue drops are to assist you. In fact, there are Bach flower remedies, which help to break certain patterns, they show that a diet fail after a certain time. The best thing is, of course, individually to the beings of all 38 Bach essences come to grips with in order to find the flowers with which one can actually identify. Experience has shown that six flowers can fit perfectly in many people in the thought pattern of failing diet.


Bach flower remedies for losing weight

Willow – for greater self-confidence

The yellow willow is ideal for people who make over and over again to go on a diet, but where there remains only at the will and it never comes to action, and if so, then for no more than a day or two. Willow helps to overcome old barriers and building confidence in the present.

Wild Rose – Courage to Change

To start a diet at all, is a serving of self-overcoming. Thoughts come on . I will limit myself at all possible, make a difference? Wild Rose can take courage to change.

Gentian – strengthens the stamina

The first pounds are the easiest, because they tumble relatively quickly. Soon, however, applies almost any stagnation. It comes only once to a halt and the sensation that is doing nothing. This leads to the question whether there still might go further, therefore, whether it even makes sense to continue to afflict. This can help the autumn gentian. He gives you strength and courage to persevere.

Gorse – supports and gives new hope

The gorse support to the project you want to remove and strengthens the hope to cope with it successfully.

Holly – ideal for grief-induced sweet craving

Grief or stress can be alleviated by chocolate? This is where the holly. Situations that may have offended, are released into better ideas. Holly helps to reconnect with yourself in line.

Crab Apple – can resist temptations better

At home, it may go still, but lurking outside the four walls of home everywhere tasty temptations. Whether it is the cream pie with coffee gossip girlfriend or sausage-chips getting around town. In such situations, the firmness is often difficult. Through the wood apple, it may be easier to resist temptations.

Bach Flower Remedies help the mental component in weight loss

In addition to sporting and Betratigung a diet that includes a reduction in calories, the essences can to Dr. Bach actually be a help in weight loss because they affect the targeted weight loss is not to be underestimated psychological factors that play a large role in whether the project is just wishful thinking, or that can be implemented effectively in the long term in the action.