How to lose weight after the holidays ? Losing weight after binge eating and family meals can be problematic: thus we see 5 simple tricks and quick to get back in shape. It is estimated that after the holidays are about 2 pounds calorie binges that give us the true problem is that many people keep them and then throughout the year. Get fit then must be not just a typical goal of a certain time of year, but a way of life. For this reason it is important to follow some important dietary recommendations: first of all you have to eat bland foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. And let us never forget that a little physical activity is good for the body but also to the heart.


The secret to finding the line after the holidays is contained in some foods that are good for losing weight but also for health. Redirection has compiled a list of products that should not be missing on Italian tables: oranges, apples, pears and kiwi but also spinach, chicory , radicchio, squash and zucchini, salad , fennel and carrots. The reason? Oranges are a great source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system, the apples for their modest calorie intake, pears contain sugars such as fructose simple, fiber, plenty of water and low in calories. The kiwi fruit rich in vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium are particularly suitable for improving the functioning of the intestine. All the vegetables in green leaves and dark as spinach and chicory contains folic acid, vitamin B , carrots are rich in vitamin A, the fennel, are great for fighting nausea, poor digestion and constipation.

Farewell to the bad habits

If you want to say goodbye to a few extra pounds gained during the holidays, you’ll also forget about the bad habits . Some examples? Snacking snacks during the day, high-calorie drinks with friends but also the dinners at the restaurant full of temptations. Here are a few little secret will not fall into temptation: the office fill up on fruit , which has a high satiating power and fewer calories when you go out and always try to choose light meals, even requesting to avoid fatty and high-calorie sauces.

Do a little movement

The physical activity is crucial, not only to lose weight but also for health. If you do not like the gym, remember that a good walk or a ride on a bike can help you to consume a lot of calories and tone muscles. Take advantage of the nice weather to enjoy an invigorating jog or if you love the water, try the swimming, a sport definitely great to tone muscles and lose weight.

Good sleep makes you lose weight

Now even science confirms it: the secret to weight loss also goes by a good rest. Sleep well, at least 8 hours a night helps you lose weight and stay in shape. As highlighted by Deanna Arble, author of a recent study by the University of Nottingham in Britain: “There is much evidence that a destruction of normal circadian rhythms alter the metabolism : just think of those who work at night and those who skip breakfast Both types of people more prone to obesity and cancer. If we consider the main elements implicated in the regulation of weight and appetite, we see that all are influenced by the alternation of sleep and wakefulness and that everyone has fluctuated throughout the day. ”