Reach the lose weight fast, determined by a special computation , is a goal that many people ask. But how to be sure of the values ​​to be taken as reference points? There are different formulas to calculate your ideal weight , taking into account the man , the woman or children . In any case, there are some factors, from which one can not ignore: the calorie requirement and the body mass index. Often you try to reach the optimal weight by following a diet, but before you begin, you should be clear about what the limits are to be achieved, to know how many pounds you have to dispose of.

The formulas

They are different formulas to which we can refer to know what is our ideal weight: Sometimes the difference may lie in the fact that some of them do not provide a distinction between men and women. However all proceed on the basis of the parameters that may vary: l height the age . To give some examples, the Lorenz formula provides the following calculation: for men height in cm – 100 – (height in cm – 150) / 4, for women height in cm – 100 – (height in cm – 150) / 2. The formula Broca’s height in cm – 100 (for men) and height in cm – 104 (for women). According to the formula of Berthean proceed doing 0.8 x (height in cm – 100) + age / 2.


To calculate the ideal weight , observe the general rules laid down by convention from algebra: carry out the operations in brackets before all the others and then continue with the rest of the expression from left to right, giving priority to the multiplications and divisions compared to addition or subtraction.
Let’s take an example according to the formula of Lorenz, taking into account a tall 180 cm. Here’s how to solve this expression:

180-100 – (180 – 150) / 4
180-100 – (30) / 4
180 – 100 to 7.5
80 to 7.5
72.5 Kg = ideal weight

And to specify that, from a practical standpoint, it is better to rely on a weight range where you should go back more than a value in particular. Moreover the variations of a few pounds are permitted, in correspondence of different phenomena, from water retention . There is also a table that puts weight / height ratio as follows:

– for humans ranges from 51 to 59 pounds to a height of 1.55 meters to 74-86 pounds to 1.93 meters
– for women ranging from 42 to 49 pounds for 1:42 meters in height to a maximum of 63-72 pounds to 1.78 meters .