To lose weight, only the amount of calories ingested is important. Indeed, one can lose weight by eating foods rich in small doses.

Everywhere in the press or the Internet, dieting abound and promise results as fast as spectacular. Among many methods, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. It has been proven that one can lose weight simply by reducing caloric intake. While most diets advocate a diet of beans and low fat yogurts, Mark Haub, professor of nutrition at the University of Kensas, lost 12 pounds on a diet of crisps and biscuits. Thus, it has demonstrated how low-calorie diet consisting of fatty or sugary foods is as effective as the consumption of low energy.

Too often, weight loss programs divide foods into two categories: those that are allowed and prohibited. In these menus, there are mainly lean meats and fish, vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy products. In fact, to lose one pound of fat requires a deficit of 8000 kcal. For example, an individual whose needs amount to 2000 kcal per day, simply to reduce intake to 1200 kcal daily will lose weight a kilo in about ten days. It is therefore unnecessary to swallow ten apples per day, while 100g of foie gras to bring about the same amount of calories and a lot of pleasure!


Lose weight by keeping the pleasure of eating

Most people wishing to lose weight think rich foods inhibit weight loss. That’s why they inherently eliminate processed meats, cheese or chocolate. However, the consumption of these products attractive quoits avoids frustration. The failure of a plan is in effect often caused by too severe deprivation. Eating apple pie, sausage or a slice of pizza keeps the feeling of pleasure and can not “crack”. Today, product packaging must provide information on their energy value. Similarly, it is very easy to find on the internet tables calories. Control of food intake is greatly simplified. So just to adjust quantities. It is obvious that for an equal caloric value, the share of boiled leeks will be much bigger than the portion of cassoulet!

If Mark Haub highlighted, through its very interesting experience, to lose weight that only the quantity of what you eat is important, it is however necessary to the quality of your diet to stay healthy. Eat a varied remains essential. Obviously meals consisting solely of fat and sugar, even in very moderate portions, are prohibited. For example, fruit and vegetables, high fiber and vitamins, are essential. Between austerity restrictive diets and excess, it suffices to find the right balance every day.