The spring season sees a lot of new plans, new exercises to practice to lose weight and finally become the man or woman that you dream of becoming. Would you like those models without defects seen in magazines, on television? Think carefully before starting a weight loss program, it is highly desirable to ask some good questions before you start, if you do not want to lose her head

Question number 1 : What do I have to lose pounds?
Question # 2 : Why do I need to lose weight?
Question 3 : What am I willing to do to lose those extra pounds?

How much do I have to lose pounds?

Do not Unfold the face! You will answer 5 kilos while 3 more than sufficient. It is all the same, the arrival of spring is found in the ice of the bathroom a reflection that we do not like, it is the fat that certainly was not meeting the last year! But are we sure? How much do I have to lose pounds? If it is: no! Is not this rather a fashion that we want more and thinner every year?

Woman showing how much weight she lost. Healthy lifestyles concept

Why do I need to lose weight?

As before, there is perhaps no reason, it is fashionable not to have too much fat, that’s all. Or it may be that you need to lose weight for medical reasons, there is not the dictates of fashion that make us lose weight. You feel short of breath, your blood test shows a level of sugar in the blood a little high and hence this question: why do I need to lose those extra pounds, take its meaning.

What are you willing to do to lose those extra pounds?

In the first case, if they are like these ghostly shapes of magazines, you will definitely be ready for everything and anything. A diet based on a single food, fasting days, drinking liters and liters of water, thinking that your excess fat, you did indeed may not, will melt as snow in the sun. Buy the latest fashionable pill, the last bottle you found on the Internet touting its merits, evidence supporting, showing you a “before and after” impressive. How much will you buy these pills and magic drinks before you realize that they exist because you want them to exist?

In the second case, medically speaking, and as he is before all things your health, you will turn to a health professional who has cared to ask you to pass all the necessary tests to find the right diet, adapted to your situation. Not a crazy diet, but a balanced diet, with a dose of exercise tailored to your habits and especially to your actual needs.

In conclusion, be it to look like a cross picture in a magazine or for medical reasons, if you want to start a diet, do so in full knowledge of the facts, be sure to inquire about what you buy as method or product to achieve your goals, in all cases, a detailed study of your case is the best way to get there. And maybe the last thing you say is: I’m just fine! What I desperately wanting to look like that I do not want to be! Someone I’m not?

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