How to find a healthy weight and the line after the birth of your baby? Methods, tips and tricks for top silhouette smoothly and quickly.

Baby arrived, everything went well, the good fairies and the whole family, friends, relatives came to wish him a happy arrival in life. you end up with this little piece and few pregnancy pounds hanging well. When and how to start to lose that excess weight, keeping fit and without getting tired because your priority is baby?

The pounds of pregnancy: why we take, how fast lose

Firstly, it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, it is all a question of proportion. Many women lose most of their pregnancy pounds during childbirth, counting the weight of the baby, placenta, water. Far from a time when women were recommended to eat for two, nutritionists now recommend to ensure expectant mothers eat sensibly during pregnancy. Do not worry if you stay a little swollen immediately after delivery, insofar as mums tend to retention of water immediately after birth. A process of natural drainage will be put in place during the first few weeks to eliminate these unnecessary bodily fluids.

The priority at the moment is to give you time for you and your baby. Baby does not sleep through the night, and you may be tired in the first time, do not run directly into a strict diet that you run out and discourage you very quickly. But once you have found your new lifestyle, it is time, if you want to think more seriously about finding the line. Manual.


Nutritional tips and fitness exercises to regain soft online without much effort

Are you ready? While at work:

* three meals a day, that’s all. Remove snacking between meals. Think breakfast balancing out your dietary intake to avoid cracking: wholegrain or wholemeal bread, dairy products, hot drink
* natural drainage: drink a lot throughout the day. Also count on teas, hot drinks. A small tip: Start your meal with a broth winter or cold vegetable soup summer gazpacho type, which allows you to drink and refuel nutrients, vitamins and trace elements vegetables you use. In addition, count on the appetite suppressant of the soup or broth will reduce all your calories.
* put emphasis on grilled or steamed vegetables with proteins (fatty fish, lean meats, eggs) with a portion of whole grains in preference to well balanced meals while taking the shot and fighting against fatigue.
* follow the rules of good food combinations , a simple way to balance your diet carefully.
* consume dairy natures or 0°, calcium intake, especially if you are breastfeeding.
* breastfeeding. breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, it is completely natural and in addition, you will consume on average 500 calories more per day, interesting to know!
* put yourself in walking, carrying baby on you in a sling, a good way to spend time with the little bit while thinking about you. If time is not a little exercise at home will help you: Wii Fit for example offers a gym program smoothly, with a coach personalized yoga exercises, step you can do remaining close to baby, in a very playful.

Recommended reading: Slim and Beautiful baby after written by the trainer to the stars, Jean Pierre Clemenceau. You’ll find a wealth of nutritional information, fitness exercises tailored menus and slimming.