Amino acids are a vital acids on health. When it comes to diets, there is always a lot of confusion about the do-it-yourself solutions, but most of the time is useless if not counterproductive, especially if the goal is not to achieve a slimming generalized but targeted to specific areas of the body flabby thighs, inner thighs and arms, knees, hips. For this, for some years, it has been developed a protocol specific slimming, considered a real intervention of aesthetic medicine, which is called Sculpture food.

The adipose tissue in the districts of localized fat has a different metabolism because it acts as an energy reserve in the body and is the last that is mobilized during the diet: estrogen and insulin cause an imbalance of the processes of lipolysis and liposintesis in favor of construction of the fat. A simple, low-calorie diet would act on the adipose tissue in the districts leaner, preserving, however, the localized fat deposits. With Liposculpture Food instead it goes to acting in a targeted manner ensuring effective reduction of body weight up to 10% in 10-14 days.


After careful analysis of the patient, which is subjected to specific tests and a careful measurement of fat mass and lean, prescribes a diet of protein, almost no fat and sugar, combined with the administration of a specific protein supplement inserted into the amino acid treatment (Macresces), which reduces the stimulation of insulin and activates the production of growth hormone (growth hormone – GH).

The pool of amino acids used must have a correct amino acid composition – necessary to allow proper protein synthesis is essential to maintain lean muscle mass in a very low-calorie regime – a reduced carbohydrate content and a proper industrial preparation that does not result in the loss of amino acids. Moreover, the presence of potassium within the integrator reduces the need for additional this important mineral that may be deficient during the amino acid treatment. After the treatment period, the patient undergoes a thorough examination to assess the results in terms of reduction of body fat and maintenance of lean meat, and then set up a low-calorie diet or noncaloric to follow in the next few days, possibly interspersed with other cycles of amino acid treatment. The benefits of this nutritional therapy, it should be stressed that should be administered by a physician and must be done carefully, are a fast and targeted weight loss , without reducing the volume and tone of the muscles and skin, and a sense of well-being that accompanies : patients not only do not feel hungry but feel full of energy, light and fit.