In life we ​​resolve thousand steps and more can be processed to donate organs or the care they would like to designate the end of an incurable disease.

It is the only truly safe in this life. You will die. Know when and how. Perhaps his days end up in an irreversible situation as a result of a terminal illness or serious accident, for instance. If they know you have recognized a right that very few make use. Decide in advance on the medical care you want or not want to receive when you are doomed to death and cerebral circulatory and effective. You can do this by signing the so-called “living will”, also known as “advance directive”, which is also possible to subscribe to the donation of organs for transplantation or body donation for research.


Do I have to go through notice?

Maria Antonia Navarro is one of the few Spanish familiar with an issue that most do not know and wanted to hear from Mariano Rajoy in the TVE program “I have a question for you.” The Prime Minister today made ​​mention in his response to the Law 41/2002 . Indeed, this is the standard that gives legality to the instructions that any adult citizen can subscribe to express their willingness to accept or refuse medical treatment in a case of extreme situation, incurable. As for the award, we must respect the rules of each autonomous community. In general, you can have notarized but also before witnesses and before the public administration staff receiving these wills, called “records of precise instructions.”

Erroneously issues related to inheritance or euthanasia

Despite the institution of the case, today they are a minority who have expressed these wishes. Also, confusion is widespread among those who do have heard of living wills but have not formalized. Mistakenly, usually related to legal issues concerning inheritance or active euthanasia. Why the unknown citizen, or confused, a major issue? “We live in an essentially vitalistic avoids talking about death and shows little concern for realities intrinsically linked to it.” In these terms expresses August Corominas, professor of cell biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where he coordinates the course “The taboo of death.” But this reluctance to reflect on one’s own death in irreversible circumstances is just one of the vertices in a delicate matter, of course, involves doctors and family, who raises ethical speculation.

Document models are planned situations that causes

For this reason, document models used to designate the living are often characterized by their generic nature and are open to interpretation, regardless of the issuing body. And there to choose from. State government, the Spanish Episcopal Conference or the Right to Die with Dignity Association have developed templates according to their values. These documents usually provide situations, rather than the causes for which proceedings are issued. Therefore, Koldo Martinez, MD, president of the Association of Bioethics, advises incorporate the name of someone we know enough to interpret by the health professional that we have left wills written.

Awareness initiatives

Urges better social understanding of something that is not an administrative process more. The “optimization of information management and advance directives” , funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and coordinated by Professor of Philosophy of Law at the UNED Ana Maria Marcos, is a window of information on the subject. In the field of documentaries, Andalusian School of Public Health and UNED have staged two recent examples of awareness. The Andalusian organization has presented at the second week of February the work “In death we are all” and issued UNED last 17 ​​in the space of 2 documentary “Living will documents for the purpose of life.”

The literature (there are works like “The messengers of death” by the Brothers Grimm), film (“The Barbarian Invasions”) and music ( “Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron ) can be equally accurate instruments sensitive to form generations, since the way of facing death from ourselves and others that accompany the end of its life is determined by the individual attitude is that time. Because, as the American interpreter Gil Scott-Heron: “Standing on the ruins of the life of another man or flying over the valley, separating the day and night. I am death! cried the bird to the people who were in the light. So if you see this bird come flying in circles in your mind, remember that there is no escape because he will follow you, only promises a battle, a battle for your soul and mine. “