The Light Therapy, What, what is it ? Questions lawful and equally frequent. This is not particularly bizarre no treatment or innovative. Photo therapy, as the word itself suggests, is nothing but a treatment option that takes advantage of all the positive potential of the light and the beneficial action exerted by light radiation on the organism. Whether they fully enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight or artificial ones does not matter, here is some useful information on photo therapy, diseases for which it is indicated and possible side effects.

The natural or artificial light

Photo therapy can be based on the use of natural light, the sun, or on artificial UV or infrared rays. In the first case we can speak more properly of therapy, because the sun baths, carefully and with the right precautions, such as cream with a protection factor suitable for your skin type, are a blessing.


The therapy, all the best of the sun

The rays of the sun, in fact, if measured with care, taking place on an anti-seborrhea skin, useful for combating the production and accumulation of fluid and material excess, but not only. Sunlight promotes the growth, thanks to the ultraviolet rays which effectively stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is responsible to fix the calcium in the bones. In addition, the sun also has excellent anti-depressant effects, thanks to its ability to stimulate the production of brain serotonin, a neurotransmitter with an antidepressant action at central level.

What is it?

Photo therapy is indicated, as the sole treatment or as supportive therapy, for the treatment of numerous dermatological diseases, skin disorders, such as topic dermatitis, the Virgilio, the fungal infections of the skin, the pityriasis, and psoriasis , but not only. Even the psychology leverages the positive effects of light on the body, and in particular on the psyche and mood. In fact, photo therapy can ensure improvements in the case of depression, anxiety, mood disorders and insomnia.