We often talk about the electronic cigarette lately. Ideas and discussions have been initiated, studies have been conducted to find the faults of the electronic cigarette and take action.

Another design of the electronic cigarette

And if we change a little the way of seeing things? And if instead of talking about the harmful nature, we examined the feel-good factor brings the electronic cigarette? Is it possible to save money by taking only the electronic cigarette? According to a study in the United States of America, a dependent on cigarettes cost more than non-smoking individual an amount of up to 4600 euros.

Given that the Minister of Health is implementing provisions that put the electronic cigarette on the same footing as conventional cigarettes, the subject again became more interesting in France. A study by the U.S. has shown the negative effects of conventional cigarette. This study showed that the price is a smoker, this price is subject to change depending on his work and the area where it operates. To work a smoker would cost most of the time in the range of 2200-7730 euros. Working with addicted to cigarettes so employees would be more costly to a company than the absence rate which is only 395 euros per employee in a year.


The electronic cigarette offered as a solution

If we take into account the times spent on cigarette break, the shortfall would be real minimum estimated at € 2,350 per year for an employee who can not do without the traditional cigarette. The Minister of Health has made ​​sure that the same rules that govern tobacco are also applied to the electronic cigarette. That is to say, the prohibition of sale to persons under 18 years, the use in public spaces. Admittedly, the use of the electronic cigarette is a discreet way to the office, however. This is how some companies have managed to reduce the amount of want-to-win. Hopefully the people who use the E-cigarette are not forced to leave their offices to take a cigarette break a few times.