Blended fruit and vegetable diet : to stay healthy and in shape are a great solution because they help to purify the body and at the same time are useful for losing weight. They represent the most tasty to follow the diet without giving up a cake break! The high power refreshing centrifuged makes a viable option for snack summer! It often happens that in the hottest season of the year is felt less hungry because of fa : obviously stop eating is definitely not recommended. We propose, therefore, a fresh solution and pleasant taste that combines the flavor of centrifuged with high digestibility . In addition, the properties of blended fruit and vegetables are very numerous. We see in particular why it is important to prepare them!


The beneficial effects of centrifuged

Healthy, delicious, easy to prepare and rich in vitamins. The blended fruit and vegetable diet are an excellent opportunity to consume these raw products, so as to maximize the nutrients they contain. It is also ideal beverage for those who prefer not to consume the fruit, especially the children before a nice centrifuged intense colors and vitamins, will not say no! Can be prepared at home or ordered in bars and clubs. There are so many wonderful ones that now have incorporated them in their menus and offer them in cocktail version. In addition, the use of vegetables, particularly recommended for a diet anti hot with fruit, centrifuged makes the best solution to deal with the summer heat or to cool off after exposure to the sun. The ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals and elements useful for the health and well-being. We also remember the power of detoxifying vegetables and fruits that allows you to lose weight easily.

The recipes of blended fruit and vegetables

How about replacing the classic breakfast with a centrifuged and biscuits with jam? Nothing better to start the day! A good and healthy breakfast for the summer. We suggest that the recipes are easy to follow. We start from the centrifugal of apples and pears : insert into your machine and 2 apples 2 ripe pears, let go until they are completely pureed and towards the end, add a bit ‘of lemon juice. Alternatively, you can prepare a centrifuged grapefruit, cucumber and mint . Place the centrifuge the pulp of the fruit; add a cucumber and fresh mint leaves 5. In a few minutes you will have a preparation obtained from ‘ high power draining ! And now preparing the recipes very personal, choosing the summer fruits that make you lose weight !