Comes the warmth and with it, the need to drinks cool or cold. However, cooling does not conflict with your health care. Therefore, we suggest you try the lemonade turmeric to prevent cancer. Cancer is becoming the plague of the XXI century. More and more people affected but precisely because of this every day are investigated to prevent and end their effects.

prevent cancer

What are the causes of cancer?

Even though there is no direct cause and effect, the World Health Organization (WHO) notes the following risk factors:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Tobacco
  • Excessive drinking
  • Exposure to chemicals in the industrial sector
  • ionizing radiation (X-rays) and no ionizing (UVA)
  • Stress
  • Infections, viruses and bacteria
  • sedentary
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Intake of immune suppressant medicine
  • You see, many of the causes are related to daily habits.

For a reason we recommend incorporating customs healthy to alleviate those we cannot change, such as labor obligations, if you work in a factory or a mine or anxiety, if you live in an environment too busy. It is important to protect your body and your immune system with foods like lemonade turmeric. It is a plant of Indian origin, whose roots have an endless number of medicinal uses.

Not surprisingly, it has been used for over 4000 years, especially in medicine. Such medicine also from India and considers health as the union of physical and spirit. According to several studies turmeric has proven useful in curing some cancers. In fact, there has been a considerable decrease in metastasis, without the drawbacks of chemotherapy: this is a product of zero toxicity, whereas treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy produce very serious side effects.

Following this line, it has also analyzed the evolution of people that included this root in your diet to discover that those who consumed between 6 and 8 grams of turmeric daily, were more protected against breast cancer. Furthermore, being a natural antibiotic and anti – inflammatory, prevents the entrenchment of infections and bacteria.

How turmeric lemonade prepared?

  • Prepare lemonade turmeric
  • Ingredients
  • 1 liter of boiled water
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)
  • Juice of ½ a lemon
  • An orange juice (optional)


  • Process all ingredients using a blender until well blended.
  • Later, put it in the refrigerator or add to it crushed ice if you prefer to take the slushie.
  • In winter you can also use turmeric to prevent cancer and take this hot prepared as an infusion .
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  • Another way to consume to prevent cancer Turmeric: Turmeric milk
  • milk-de-turmeric
  • Ingredients
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric (5 g)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder (5 g)
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger (5g)
  • One tablespoon of olive oil (16 g)
  • 2 dates
  • A little ground black pepper
  • 2 cups oat milk (500 ml)


  • To make this recipe, you must heat the milk with the other elements until blended correctly.
  • Then add the dates and processes with the mixer to be integrated into the liquid.
  • Where I can find turmeric?
  • Given the role that alternative therapies are charging prevention and monitoring health problems, this kind of product is becoming more affordable day.