Making the most out of every experience, even the defeats of life. This is what they need to learn their adolescent children.

It ‘a tough law, but the sport teaches, next to a winner there is always a loser. Losing does not belong only to the sports competitions, it happens to everyone in everyday life and, although difficult to digest, the defeat must be managed in order to exploit the better and keep improving . Today’s youth, however, seems very machination to tolerate and accept failure, that’s why they need parents who, with love and patience, make them understand the value of the loss. Let’s see how to overcome a mistake to be able to fight back stronger than before. did not escape the loss Who carries on his shoulders the weight of many defeats can turn their mistakes into a stimulus to do even better, in fact, what distinguishes a sample from an athlete is a common resilience, understood as the ability to bend without breaking . Who is resilient does not let down by a defeat and is strengthened, because it analyzes his mistakes and find the right solutions to get back to winning.


Whenever the sporting life, educational or personal you leave the beaten track, it is important to stop, look like it feels and how it is coming up defeat, identifying the mistakes not to be repeated to improve. The display of errors A technique that parents can teach their children that they have failed at something, is that of the display, through which you can invite the boy to retrace the error through a few questions like: “What’s been good about what you’ve done?”, “How did you experience the moments when you realized that you were wrong?” “What could you change to improve? ” Reliving the steps that led to the loss you can find the right solution to the problem, why not fleeing their own faults, but reworking the incident, although painful, you can raise and try to win! Crying serves According to William Frey, a professor in Minnesota and an expert on the subject of tears, shed tears for emotional reasons has the effect of relaxing the body, relieves tension and stress free.

Crying gives the body a state of balance and well-being is of paramount importance to soothe the pain of defeat. You will learn from children E essential that parents and teachers to develop in the child a sense of competition, but also to the fun, and the acceptance to the failures. In sports, for example, to be taught the passion for that task, knowing how to stay within a team and the beauty of athletic movement, rather than the pursuit of victory at all costs. In this way the child will grow up in a “winner” also learning to lose in all spheres of life, which is rather unlikely to happen if the baby is overfilled the responsibilities and expectations, perhaps out of his reach. rules for dealing with errors

* We all make mistakes, so it is useless to waste too much time thinking about it, better to focus on the solution. rather than on the problem.
* We must not look after the details of minor importance, if you leave out the details, it is more focused and ready to deal with the situations.
* Hover over the mistakes and move forward, forgetting of what happened without feeling stupid or incapable. Focus on the present and what you can improve.
* Try to understand how the error may have happened and analyze the situation mentally. In this way you will be more careful in case the problem occurs again.
* Fatigue is often the main cause of errors, make sure you rest and sleep enough to not lose because of fatigue.