The only way to free ourselves from pain, which may become increasingly large and could be transformed over time into psychosomatic disorders, is to learn to forgive and forgive. Only then can we improve the quality of our lives and those around us. Yet it is not so simple. However, there are a number of steps to follow to learn to forgive in an authentic way.

The pardon is a holistic concept, which is independent from any faith, is something that comes from within, which includes anger, pain and frustration. There is a specific time in which to do it and above all it must be a personal choice, no one can impose. Actually we forgive when we shift the focus from what happened, listening to his feelings, compared to what has caused pain. Only then can trigger the mechanism of forgiveness and turns the painful emotion in a less burdensome for the soul. When it is time to forgive or forgive someone you are no longer the frantic quest for revenge, but it will accomplish actions that will lead us to achieve well-being for themselves and those around us. steps to get to the forgiveness Lumera Daniel, founder of the school of forgiveness, identifies seven steps needed to arrive at forgiveness , what are they?


1. To understand why , that is to divert attention from what has happened in the past and focus on the present and understand what it is like today compared to what has happened. It is an inner work necessary to understand what prevents me to forgive.
2. Transform the problem into resources and understand that remain anchored to the desire for revenge does nothing but food malaise.
3. Release blocked energy: when we forgive the obsessive thoughts go away and find inner harmony, as well as the exterior.
4. Be thankful , because without one, and whatever is done or to any person meetings, all for an entire day! This step helps us to understand in an authentic forgiveness.
5. Switch from suffering love , recovering its power to transform pain into a positive emotion.
6. Forgive yourself: recognize that we need to forgive ourselves is the only step to realize that the other was only a means and a resource for our personal evolutionary process.
7. Opening up to new possibilities and understand that forgiveness has always been part of us, but we did not know yet.

It feels better

According to scientific studies, forgive really is good for the cardiovascular system, increases the immune system and gives the body well-being as a whole . In the book Theory and clinical pardon the authors explain how to forgive is the best way to banish the ghosts of the past and the only way to allow the mind to engage in more constructive thoughts.