In fact big risks and contraindications are not there, but some details often ignored so here is some useful information to learn more about laser hair removal, to understand the features and limitations. Because if it is true that in recent years it has become all the rage this method to remove unwanted hair, though often promises them, does not guarantee miraculous results.

It’s not forever

Erroneously, or, perhaps, slyly for advertising purposes, described as a method of permanent hair removal to skin , the one with the laser is so very durable , but it is not forever. While ensuring a long, sometimes very long life, is not definitive, does not ensure to say goodbye forever to unwanted hair . To clarify the concept, the better to borrow the definition provided by the U.S. FDA , which describes the laser hair removal as a method of “progressively final.”It’s all about light and heat. The laser emits a beam of light from being able to heating which heats the hair and the hair bulb , damaging the latter and preventing them from producing new unwanted hair for a long time.


Some limit, some risks

In addition to the limit of the time, do not underestimate the limit, like, the timing requirements. In fact, laser hair removal, however innovative, takes a long time, different seats, to achieve the desired results. Depending on the area to be treated, varies the number of sessions needed to do this often biweekly or monthly, if for smaller areas such as armpits, groin or upper lip, it is called 4-7 sessions, for the legs or arms times stretch further.Not all hairs are the same. The laser can effectively treat only the hair growing (anagen phase) and better results only on the most dark . For blond and red hair, on the contrary, the hopes of success are reduced, if not nil.Because the result will endure for as long as possible, you need to undergo one or two sessions of annual maintenance . This, however, does not exclude the need, at least three or four times a year, to do the waxing will make your skin really no unwanted hair.

Among the few side effects as possible there are: l heathery , the redness that can occur after the laser treatment and which is intended to disappear in a few days; stains, result of the skin hyper pigmentation or damage of melanin if the treatment is was performed on tanned skin, infections due to skin lesions or blisters, the result of a laser treatment too energetic or unprofessional. Do not forget that, in order to avoid the risk of hyper pigmentation of the skin, the laser should never be associated to sun exposure range. So, better focus sessions during the winter, when the urge to tan is far away.