The intestine is the seat of health, where many microorganisms promote a healthy intestinal flora. An essential part of our immune system is so backed up.

What are lactic acid bacteria?

The term lactic acid bacteria is a group of beneficial bacteria which produce by metabolism of sugar lactic acid. Such bacteria are found in plants as well as in the intestine and the mucous membranes of mammals. Also found in dairy products of all kinds, the beneficial bacteria are found. Among the group of lactic acid bacteria count the so-called lactobacilli, Acidophilusbakterien, bifidobacteria, propionibacteria and streptococci. Their usefulness is indeed different, but they all produce lactic acid by fermentation of carbohydrates.

lactic -acid

In the upper intestine largely settle the Acidophilusbakterien that require oxygen for their growth. In the lower part of the intestine outweighs the Bifidusbakterium, which works even without oxygen.The lactic acid bacteria are sometimes naturally present in our intestines. If they get into food through the digestive tract, they attach themselves to the intestinal mucosa and maintain for a time against the other bacteria. Since they are not permanently settle, we should take our food again lactic acid bacteria.

Food production by lactic acid bacteria

In the production of fermented milk products and in the preservation of vegetables lactic acid bacteria are used as well, as in wine making and in baking.In the production of dairy products with the aid of bacteria, it relies on the metabolic process in which milk sugar, also known as lactose, converted to lactic acid. The metabolism of lactic acid bacteria is based solely on fermentation, which distinguishes them from other lactic acid producing bacteria.The taste and aroma arise in the course of this process and add the yogurt, for example, or the butter flavor. Especially in the area of the yogurt product in recent years many products have come on the market that focus on probiotic cultures and thus enhance the intestinal flora.

Benefits of probiotic foods

Probiotic foods containing lactic acid bacteria, aid digestion, are effective against diarrhea and inhibit disease-causing germs.According to various studies are lactic acid bacteria and cancer-inhibiting effect by reducing the growth of cancer cells in the intestine. Food remains in the intestine can become lodged in the mucosa and converted by enzymes to carcinogenic substances. Probiotic bacteria inhibit the activity of these enzymes and bow before so the risk of cancer.

The suppression of pathogenic bacteria in the gut happens to substances that are secreted by the lactic acid bacteria. Also prevents the lactic acid that so-called coli bacteria can pass into the small intestine. These bacteria should occur only in the large intestine, where they perform useful functions. In the small intestine, however, they interfere with the metabolism and act negatively.