Obsession with beauty or medical necessity? Reasons for labia correction can be very diverse. General information about the type of operation, and extension services.


A part of the female vagina include the outer and inner labia. They surround the vagina and the urethra opening is intended to prevent any foreign matter or germs out. In addition, protect the lips from drying out the vagina. Ideally, the labia minora are hidden by the labia majora entirely. If this is not the case, the inner labia are too large, or the outer lips are slack or too small. In both cases it is easier to infections and other diseases of the vagina. Due to large or sagging labia majora can further pain and disability in daily life occur (for example, in sexuality or in sports) of the women.

The anatomical shape of the labia is innate, may change during the course of life, however, such as hormonal fluctuations or relaxation of the tissue well. When a labia reduction, the outer (large) or internal (small) labia are surgically reduced. Become limp or can be constructed by an increase in small labia labia. Operations on the labia are usually ambulatory and performed under local anesthesia.

Reduction of the labia

When the labia reduction surgery, different techniques are used. All have in common that is done with a scalpel a cut on the labia. Either pull the tissue taut, or to remove a portion of the labia. If the labia minora reduced the OP takes about two hours. A reduction of the labia majora, however, only lasts about 90 minutes. The temporary pain after a labia reduction are usually a few days past. After the operation should be four to six weeks to sexual intercourse, as well as horseback riding, biking, running and sauna are omitted in order to ensure optimal healing.

Enlargement of the labia

The outer labia to a large extent consist of fatty tissue, then an enlarged labia by injection of autologous fat or fillers such as collagen. Autologous fat is sucked out of the buttocks, back or abdomen, and then cleaned and prepared. Through small incisions, it is then injected into the labia tissue. This results with this procedure no unsightly scars. A shame, lip augmentation lasts approximately 60 minutes, as well as the reduction, on an outpatient basis. A genital surgery can be make from 2,000 €. After casually these operations there is no limit. Above all beauty-related operations often cost a small fortune. Nevertheless, it should not be saved. The procedure must always be performed by trained and experienced personnel to minimize negative consequences and complications to a minimum.