The kidney stones are configured as clusters of hard crystals inside the urinary tract. Usually the urine contains chemicals that prevent the formation of crystals, but these inhibitors can sometimes not work properly. If the crystals, composed essentially of calcium oxalate, are small, they are able to walk through the urinary tract and are expelled from the body. Other times, on the basis of size, it is necessary to resort to surgery. The remedies are necessary, because often one of the symptoms, are experiencing a sharp pain, which turns out to be unbearable. It is of renal colic.


The symptoms of kidney stones not always occur in a specific manner. The pain can come when calculating the moves in the urinary tract, blocking the flow of urine. The painful sensation that you feel is cramping and get to engage the back and sides, extending to the groin area . If the calculation fails to pass easily, the ureter muscles contract to push the bladder. The pain is more intense and may appear in the blood in the urine. The individual may have the feeling of needing to urinate more frequently and may experience burning during urination. Other symptoms may include fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.


The power supply

The power plays an important role in the prevention of kidney stones. E ‘essential to drink as much liquid is possible, especially water, so as to produce at least two liters of urine over 24 hours.
Especially in the past it was recommended to patients suffering from the disorder do not take on too much dairy or dairy products are high in calcium. In reality, these foods are not responsible for calculations, other than you should pay attention to calcium supplements or to foods fortified with vitamin D . You should try to reduce the use of salt and the consumption of meat products, as well as certain types of fish. It is important adequate intake of fiber-rich foods.


The cure for kidney stones, when you have the colic, is based on the use of antispasmodic drugs and analgesics for pain relief. To facilitate the elimination of the calculation, we use the method that is called ” blow water “: the subject must quickly drink a liter of water, to trigger a push urine that would facilitate their deportation. The latter occurs in 80% of cases, if the calculation has a diameter less than 4 millimeters. Other times it is necessary the intervention of the physician, who, by means of shock waves or by means of a probe, crushes the crystals, which can then be expelled more easily. The surgery can usually be considered the final step, after other techniques have failed.

The remedies

Sometimes you can remedy the pain soaking in a tub filled with hot water. The heat is able to exert a vasodilatory effect, promoting muscle relaxation. As shown by a study carried out by the Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri Institute in Bergamo, a squeeze of lemon could be effective in the prevention of the problem. To facilitate the expulsion of the calculation, you may want the use of some plants , which have a diuretic birch, dandelion, goldenrod, grass.