Modern medicine has made especially in the field of cancer research, great progress. New treatments often provide a good quality of life.

Joy of Life in Cancer?

More than 400,000 new cases per year speak for themselves: the “social disease” Cancer affects a significant proportion of the population. Although death is still far more people to cardiovascular disease, but for those affected, the diagnosis “cancer” is still a big shock. However, modern medicine has made especially in the field of cancer research, great progress. New drugs and therapies nowadays usually a life with a good quality of life.

Common cancers

While representing the men, the prostate is the most common cancers, in women the risk of breast cancer (breast cancer) to become ill, compared to other cancers is greatest. Is still widely used in lung cancer, increasingly, in female patients, which is often caused by smoking. Cancers of colon and thyroid followed in the rankings of the most common types of cancer. With increasing age increases the risk of developing cancer. Sun suffer from prostate cancer mostly men beyond the 50th.

Survive in spite of cancer?

Although increasing the number of diagnosed cancer cases in Germany to continue, but this is due to the increasing life expectancy of people living here. Cancer is in this respect a typical geriatric diseases. Five years after having been diagnosed with life, according to the German Cancer Research Center, more than half of all those affected and have had good prospects for a permanent cure.


Like a cancer develops in the body?

The development of cancer takes place in a complex way in many steps. The genes in the human body cells are constantly changes (mutations) are affected. Normally this is not bad, if the cell to repair itself or may be rejected. Sometimes, however, such changes in genetic information lead to uncontrolled growth in the affected tissue: a tumor develops. The cancer may grow into adjacent tissue which form via the bloodstream or elsewhere metastasis (metastasis). Possible causes of cancer, both external influences as well as an accidental degeneracy into account. Medical research is sure, however, that certain factors, the risk of developing cancer increases significantly.

Prevention and early detection

Typical modifiable risk factors include smoking, obesity, alcohol and stress. Genetic factors may also play a role as air pollutants or infections. Through regular, intense sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. With a healthy lifestyle, which included a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and regular exercise, an important step has been completed. Another is to use screening and notice changes in his body. The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the chances of recovery. When changes such as swelling or lumps, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or in the armpit, stubborn wounds and changing skin painting should definitely consult a physician should be consulted.

Modern weapon in the fight against cancer

Hardly a disease being researched as thoroughly as in cancer. Continually new drugs tested and established products developed. The surgical techniques are constantly improved and also in radiation therapy, new insights implemented. With a precise, three-dimensional detection of the tumor, destroying the cancer cells to gamma rays can be more accurate than they were a few years to adjust their aim. The irradiation intensity and the intervals were adjusted for the purpose of increased efficiency.

With chemistry and biomedicine against malignant cells

Widely used in public and well known are the so-called cytotoxic drugs that are highly effective in some tumors by inhibiting cell growth. They are considered the traditional drug-based therapy for cancer, not because of their sometimes severe side effects, however, controversial. Sometimes hormones play a role in tumor development. Then, a hormone therapy success be promising. In some cases, strengthening the body’s own immune system to regulate substances such as interferon or interleukin-2 may be useful.

New insights from molecular biological research, scientists now put in the position, the mechanisms of tumor development to better understand and develop drugs to the processes gone awry, which are important in cancer development, specifically to influence. Latest products have direct access to the stop out of control in cancer molecular mechanisms of cell growth or the supply of the tumor by the surrounding blood vessels (Antiangionese therapies) and starve him out that way. For the future it is hoped a combination of such agents with cytotoxic agents.

Changing demands on the patient

As the cancer has developed from a previously lethal way to more chronic diseases, is now gaining increasing importance and accompanying symptoms so that the initiative is also important to the patient than ever before. An important goal here is to improve the quality of life. For pain and nausea during chemotherapy drug can help further. Adjunctive treatments such as psychotherapy are used to emotional support, exercise helps fight fatigue and listlessness. If the affected person is active and moves to the forces preferred the fresh air, it will benefit in several ways. The cardiovascular system is gaining momentum, the body is invigorated and strengthened the immune system. The movement in the open, the light and the feeling do something actively to combat the illness brightens the mood. Before long, you can feel the increase its efficiency, thus achieving a new self-esteem.