More than 20% of the population suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. However, to date, this disease is poorly understood and insufficient treatment.

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a disease that affects particularly women and children, but also anxious people. It is not due to an abnormality of the colon or inflammation, however, the pain and embarrassment it brings can significantly disrupt the quality of life of the individual. Well known it is often taken lightly.

Symptoms and causes

This disease is chronic disorders of the colon and symptoms of intestinal and digestive dysfunctions. It results in severe abdominal pain, bloating, slow digestion and intestinal motility disorders (diarrhea and / or constipation). A persistent discomfort disappears after defection and frequent bowel movements (more than three times per day). Causes to date are not known, but several hypotheses are suggested:

* visceral hypersensitivity,
* disorders of gastrointestinal motility.

But also:

* psychological factors,
* dietary factors,
* histological factors.


However, the symptoms are mild and are not a risk factor for colon cancer.

Embarrassing disease

Irritable bowel syndrome without real danger, however, is a real embarrassment. Often people with this syndrome are also affected by the “xenophobia” fear of being caught uncontrolled acute diarrhea in public and not reach the toilet in time. Thus, individuals avoid going out and prefer to contain at home to avoid any incident. This leads to a complete isolation, a break of social life and affects morale.Moreover, in most cases, depression ensues.


Treatments are given on a case by case basis according to the symptoms found: laxatives, antispasmodics, intestinal dressings. Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle and diet are needed. It is often best to avoid certain foods for colon too aggressive and difficult to digest such as:

* red meat or fat,
* coffee,
* chocolate,
* milk,
* raw vegetables,
* spicy dishes,
* meats,
* alcohol,
* Vegetable fiber.

Psychotherapy is also recommended, as this disease can come from a deep psychological disorder. And finally, avoid all forms of anxiety and stress that promote disease. Irritable bowel syndrome is a real disease and to take seriously. Painful, embarrassing, it is often misunderstood and poorly understood.However, to date, it is the second leading cause of work absenteeism after the common cold, and every day, the percentage of people affected is increasing dramatically.